Natalya has been a consistent presence in WWE’s women’s division for over a decade and a half, establishing herself as a true veteran of the business. She is committed to maintaining peak physical condition, looking extremely gorgeous flaunting her beauty at times, and has a special bond with her fans.

Recently, The Queen of Harts noticed a fan situation on social media and offered some joy from her end to solve it. A user on X stated that she lost her autographed Natalya t-shirt and WWE Evolution show poster, potentially lost in the rubble of tornado damage she faced, being highly upset about it.

“Wasn’t able to find my autographed @NatbyNature shirt which means it’s lost of the rubble of tornado damage and I am so sad about it. My framed Evolution poster made by @ShirleighShirlz is gone too. 💔”

The two-time WWE Women’s champion took to her X and offered to send a brand new signed t-shirt to her, displaying her status as a huge admirer of the fans who see her inside the squared circle each week.


“I’ll send you a new one… DM me your address ❤️”

On her work front, Natalya is feeling surreal making her comeback to WWE’s developmental territory, NXT in recent memory, welcoming new challenges and giving a fresh direction to her already established WWE career that would interesting to see moving forward.

What are your thoughts on Natalya offering to send an autographed t-shirt to a fan who lost it due to unfortunate circumstances? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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