WWE Superstar Chelsea Green encountered an embarrassing situation a few weeks ago during her stay at Fairmont Hotels in New York City and has released the photos of the culprits who subjected her to the same.

The former Hot Mess took to her social media to fire shots at the Hotel to recount case of mistaken identity she experienced after a night at the Barclays Center following a Monday Night RAW event.

Despite one of the worst experiences of her life, Green humorously compared her situation to a scene from “Pretty Woman,” where her attire led hotel staff to misconstrue her profession. Despite the misunderstanding, Green remained positive, joking about choosing a different hotel for WrestleMania weekend next year.

However, she did take to her X account to release the photos of the two security guards who had mistaken her for an escort at the hotel premises in hopes of getting some justice and compensation from the hotel for subjecting her to the same.


“Maybe this will do the trick! Here are the men who kicked me out of The Plaza in NYC. @FairmontHotels.”

Even after this experience, Chelsea Green continues to move ahead in her WWE career with resilience and determination and hopes to avoid further cases of mistaken identity and continue making an impact in the wrestling world.

Do you think Fairmont hotels owes a big-time apology to Chelsea Green? Will her recent actions of exposing the security guards bring her some justice? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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