Samantha Irvin is not only credited as one of the most gorgeous WWE personnel on the roster but also as a highly dynamic and exhilarating ring announcer seen in years while also making good friends with people in the company.

As it is known, Irvin is currently engaged to be married to RAW star Ricochet, who popped the question in January 2023 at train station with Samantha saying yes to the man she has adored all her life.

Although their wedding date is unknown at the moment, Samantha Irvin has already decided on her bridesmaid for her special day. As seen at a recent WWE live event, Irvin was spotted with the late WWE superstar Bray Wyatt’s fiance, JoJo Offerman.

Samantha Irvin popped a question of her own to Jojo, asking her to be her bridesmaid for her wedding with Ricochet, which she graciously accepted and both acquaintances hugged and celebrated in happiness.


It would surely be the happiest day in Samantha Irvin’s life while also being a bright occasion for JoJo who is dealing with the toughest phase of her life after losing her beloved Windham aka Bray Wyatt last year. So it would be great to see her shed all the smiles for her friend on her special occasion.

What are your thoughts on JoJo Offerman being Samantha Irvin’s bridesmaid for her wedding? Sound off in the comments!

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