WrestleMania 40 witnessed the recreation of an iconic moment from almost a decade ago when Damian Priest cashed in his Money in the Bank opportunity and claimed his first World Heavyweight Title in WWE.

The shocker preceded the spectacular bout between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre for the Big Gold title with CM Punk being on commentary. A hard-fought battle between the two ended in McIntyre nailing Rollins with two thunderous Claymore Kicks to secure the pinfall and win the championship in front of a huge live audience.

However, Drew’s ego got the best of him as an altercation with his heated rival, CM Punk led to The Best in the World attacking him ringside and allowing Damian Priest to run down the aisle, cash in the briefcase and connect the South of Heaven to snatch the championship off McIntyre.

In recent video released by WWE on Instagram where Damian Priest is rewatching his moment of glory, he stated that although the iconic ‘Heist of the Century’ moment created by Seth Rollins was exceptional, his cash-in was superior as Rollins chose to intervene between an ongoing match while Priest adopted the smart choice of picking his opponent at his most vulnerable state.


“Seth’s cash-in at Mania was awesome in making a triple threat match, but he almost lost I think mine is better, I came in at the right opportunity, there was no doubt that I was gonna become champion.”

Moreover, Damian Priest already has his first challenger ready in line to compete against him for the World Heavyweight Title, Jey Uso, who won Fatal-4 Way match on RAW this week to earn the opportunity with the bout possibly taking place at WWE’s next PLE in France, WWE Backlash.

Do you agree that Damian Priest’s MITB cash-in was superior to Seth Rollins’ iconic Heist of the Century moment? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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