The RAW after WrestleMania 40 tonight at the Wells Fargo Center in Philidelphia came to a close on a high note with a huge World championship title opportunity that hung in the balance and four of the top RAW superstars battling it out in a massive Fatal-4 Way match to clinch it.

The main event contest pitted Big Bronson Reed, Jey Uso, Ricocher, and the man who held the World Heavyweight Championship for a couple of minutes last night at WrestleMania 40, only to let his ego get the best of him and lose the title to an impromptu Money in the Bank cash-in, Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre was in no mood for games after suffering huge embarrassment at what was supposed to be his moment of glory, while Jey, Bronson, and Ricochet also aimed to get their name inserted into the title match.

The match was extremely fast-paced and delivered highly exhilarating action with all four WWE superstars trying to knock off one another and secure the pinfall with the bout going all over ringside.


However, it was Jey Uso who took advantage of CM Punk emerging from beneath the ring and distracting McIntyre long enough for Jey to superkick him and deliver a spear followed by a Uso splash to secure the pinfall and an opportunity to challenge the new World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest for his title, while Punk struck to his arch-rival for the second time in a row.

What are your thoughts on becoming the new No.1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship on RAW after WrestleMania 40? Sound off in the comments!

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