At WWE WrestleMania 40 Saturday, Dominik Mysterio set aside his Judgment Day duties for the evening, joining forces with Santos Escobar to face Rey Mysterio and Andrade. This move gave rise to speculation that Dominik might be transitioning away from Judgment Day to join Legado Del Fantasma. However, Dominik recently debunked those rumors as he made his commitment to Judgement Day clear.

During a recent appearance on The Ringer Wrestling Show, Mysterio discussed the importance of family ties within the faction and clarified that his allegiance to the Judgment Day remains unwavering. Despite his recent appearance alongside Legado Del Fantasma, Mysterio emphasized that his roots and loyalty lie with the Judgment Day.

Not at all, let me cut you off right there. You may have seen me beating up the LWO and walking out with Legado Del Fantasma, but at the end of the day, I’m Judgment Day. My family is Judgment Day. We run the WWE if you can’t tell by seeing us on SmackDown, Raw, and hell, even when we have to go down to NXT and straighten those young kids out.”

Moving on in the conversation Dominik discussed his WrestleMania 40 match. He voiced frustrations with the outside intervention from Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson as he referred to them as “beer belly fat boys” who stepped into the ring to help his dad, Rey Mysterio in the match. Dominik felt that their involvement should have resulted in disqualification, but he accepted the results regardless.


“But, as far as I see it — with the past two WrestleManias, it just seems that my dad constantly needs help from people to try and beat me. Last night, it was, I just saw two beer belly fat boys that came in the ring and decided to put their hands on me, which should have been a DQ, but whatever. It is what it is.”

As speculation mounts regarding his potential shift towards Legado Del Fantasma, Dominik’s recent comments have surely reaffirmed his dedication towards his commitments to the Judgment Day’s cause. It remains to be seen what he does next.

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Shubham Banerjee

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