WWE NXT Stand And Deliver captivated wrestling fans and thrilled audiences with its electrifying matches. Courtesy of Fightful Select, here are some backstage notes that provide a deeper understanding of what went down behind the curtains:

Timing Precision: One of the major focuses leading up to the event was ensuring that every segment and match adhered to their designated time slots.

Bron Breakker’s Health Scare: Following the opening match, concerns arose when it was suspected that Bron Breakker might have sustained an injury. However, upon his arrival backstage, it became apparent that Breakker was in good health, alleviating any worries among the crew.

Shawn Michaels Takes the Helm: Despite Triple H’s presence backstage, it was noted that he did not exert influence over the creative direction of the event. Instead, the show was primarily steered by the expertise of Shawn Michaels, adding his unique touch to the proceedings.


Backstage Reactions: The North American Championship triple threat match garnered significant reactions behind the scenes, indicating the intensity and excitement surrounding the bout among the talent and crew.

Ridge Holland’s Mystery Unraveling: Fans can anticipate an explanation from Ridge Holland himself on NXT TV this week regarding his unexpected attack on Joe Gacy. This development adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing storylines within NXT.

Meta Four’s Hosting Acclaim: Meta Four, the hosts of the event, received widespread praise for their engaging and entertaining presentation. Their contribution added an extra layer of excitement to the overall experience of Stand And Deliver.

Women’s North American Championship Plans: Plans for the Women’s North American Championship have been in motion since late last year. With a tournament slated to unfold in the upcoming weeks, fans can anticipate the crowning of the first-ever champion, adding a new dimension to the women’s division in NXT.

    NXT Stand And Deliver not only delivered exhilarating in-ring action but also provided intriguing developments shaping the future of NXT. With surprises, rivalries, and championship opportunities on the horizon, the NXT universe is poised for an exciting journey ahead.

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