Mercedes Mone’s recent arrival at AEW marks a significant change in the promotion’s dynamics. Considering her status in the wrestling business, her signing has sparked considerable excitement and speculation. Moreover, Mone recently shared that she’s quite happy with the backstage structure of the promotion.

In a recent interview with James Stewart of the Stick to Wrestling Podcast, Mone discussed her strong working relationship with Khan and AEW’s executive vice presidents (EVPs).

Mone emphasized her role in bringing financial success to AEW, stating that her primary objective is to contribute to the company’s profitability. She also praised the collaboration and partnership among the EVPs and Khan.

“We work together as a partnership. I love my EVPs, I love my Chairman, As the CEO. I just bring so much more money to the table.”


While Mone has yet to interact on camera alongside AEW EVPs Matthew Jackson, Nicholas Jackson, or Kenny Omega, her remarks shed light on her positive outlook towards the management and her determination to contribute to AEW’s growth and success. We’ll have to wait and see if Mercedes Mone’s presence brings about a revolution in women’s wrestling, potentially leading more money on the table.

What are your thoughts on Mercedes Mone’s impact on AEW and her perspective on the company’s backstage structure. What do you think her role as CEO will mean for AEW’s future? Leave your comments below!

Shubham Banerjee

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