Janel Grant filed lawsuit against Vince McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis back in January, alleging sexual assault and sex trafficking by McMahon. At the WWE Royal Rumble press conference, Cody Rhodes addressed the allegations, emphasizing that TKO took the situation seriously and acted promptly.

In conversation with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Rhodes reflected on his remarks at the WWE Royal Rumble press conference. He stressed the importance of honesty in addressing such sensitive matters. “You have to be truthful in those moments,” Rhodes asserted, acknowledging the challenge of navigating delicate topics. He commended everyone for their attempts at candor but emphasized the need to confront uncomfortable truths head-on.

Rhodes emphasized the importance of not shaming the accuser in cases of sexual assault allegations. He underscored his belief in allowing legal processes to unfold, refraining from judgment until guilt or innocence is determined. “I like to see it play out from a legal and court situation,” Rhodes explained, highlighting the complexities of legal proceedings and the importance of due process.

While Rhodes acknowledged the gravity of the situation, he also emphasized his focus on delivering an exceptional show. Amidst the excitement surrounding events like Netflix, WrestleMania, and The Rock’s return, Rhodes maintained his commitment to ensuring AEW’s productions are top-notch. However, he expressed hope for a resolution that would bring justice to those involved. “Hopefully there is a resolution that justice is brought for whomever,” Rhodes concluded, balancing his professional responsibilities with a recognition of broader societal issues.


Despite the seriousness of the situation, he remains committed to delivering great shows for WWE. While focused on work, Rhodes hopes for a fair resolution for everyone involved, balancing entertainment with real-world issues.

What are your thoughts on Cody Rhodes’ approach to addressing sensitive topics like the allegations against Vince McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis? Let us know in the comments.

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