As the excitement builds for WrestleMania 40, WWE is gearing up to offer fans an unforgettable experience with the launch of ‘WWE World at WrestleMania.’ This fan event promises a multitude of thrilling experiences, and WWE has just announced a major name set to appear.

Following the recent announcement of ‘WWE World at WrestleMania,‘ tailored specifically for fans, anticipation has been on the rise. Fanatic Events has teased attendees with a wide range of engaging activities to enjoy.

From captivating content displayed on various stages to dedicated zones like the Kids Zone and Gaming Zone, Autograph Rows, the WrestleMania Superstore, interactive photo opportunities, and more, fans can expect an immersive and exciting experience.

Adding to the excitement, WWE took to social media to reveal a significant guest for the event ahead of Thursday’s WWE World event. The Rock, one of WWE’s most iconic figures, is scheduled to appear at the event at 4:00 pm, promising fans a memorable and thrilling encounter.


With The Rock’s presence, ‘WWE World at WrestleMania’ is set to elevate the fan experience to new heights, offering enthusiasts the chance to connect with their favorite wrestling personalities in an unforgettable setting.

What are your expectations for ‘WWE World at WrestleMania’ with the inclusion of The Rock as a guest? How do you think his presence will enhance the overall fan experience at the event? Let us know in the comments.

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