Since his massive Men’s Royal Rumble match victory in January this year, fans have been rallying behind Cody Rhodes to win the Undisputed WWE Championship from Roman Reigns. Though Rhodes could win the World Heavyweight Championship as well, his loss to the Tribal Chief last year would be justified only if the American Nightmare could return the favour. 

While Cody Rhodes has another opportunity to win the Undisputed WWE Championship, the return of The Rock has turned things around bit. The Final Boss has been adamant to the fact that Rhodes’ match against Reigns eliminates the possibility of a massive match between The Rock and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. 

While WWE had already confirmed a match between Reigns and The Rock, the WWE Universe pushed towards changing it and giving Cody Rhodes a shot at the title. While the Final Boss has been portrayed to have a problem with it, things aren’t the same in real life. 

In an interview with ESPN, the Rock’s business associate Brian Gewirtz commented on what the Great One believed in real life about fans’ desire to see Rhodes finish the story. Though the Final Boss doesn’t seem to care about the story on TV, he feels Rhodes finishing the story is the perfect move in reality. 


“Would the fans be as adamant [that] Cody [Rhodes] needs to finish his story if he didn’t win the Royal Rumble? Once he won the Royal Rumble, then I think there was a certain element of, ‘Hey, don’t screw with us now!’ You can’t dangle the Royal Rumble win and then take it away.”

I think everyone, Rock included, was like, ‘Yeah, they’re right. We should continue this story as it naturally would play out if this were real life,’ If this were real life and he won the Rumble and he didn’t win last year’s WrestleMania, there’s literally no logical reason—even though you could try to make one up—why he wouldn’t want to face Roman and win the title?”

The Rock is set to make his in-ring return to WWE and team up with Roman Reigns to take on Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. In building up the match, the Final Boss has punished Rhodes every week for not choosing the Visionary as his opponent for WrestleMania. Ringside News will provide play-by-play coverage for WrestleMania 40 and everything that goes on during the week. 

What are your thoughts on The Rock’s real life reaction to fans wanting Rhodes to finish the story? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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