Vince McMahon’s reign at the helm of WWE was undeniably unparalleled. As the driving force behind the company’s success, McMahon implemented his own unique set of rules and strategies to navigate the wrestling industry. However, since relinquishing his creative position, Triple H has emerged as a formidable figure in wrestling management, earning praise for his leadership and approach.

Under Triple H’s leadership, WWE has undergone significant changes, with adjustments made to various rules and policies. While some rigid regulations have been relaxed, new measures have been introduced to streamline operations. McMahon, known for his tight grip on creative control, often hesitated to delegate autonomy to others within the company.

In recent interview with Sportskeeda, Corey Graves shed light on the shift in dynamics following Triple H’s ascension. Graves highlighted the noticeable increase in creative freedom granted to talent under Triple H’s leadership. While rules and guidelines still exist, they are no longer as stringent as before, allowing performers more room to express themselves.

Graves emphasized Triple H’s deep-rooted understanding of the wrestling business, describing him as an “old-school guy” and a “wrestling historian” with an unmatched passion for the industry. According to Graves, Triple H’s approach has been refreshing, with a willingness to listen and collaborate.


“The biggest change has been the amount of freedom that the talent has, myself included,” Graves stated. “I’m not micromanaged. Michael Cole is no longer micromanaged. And, of course, there are gonna be rules and guidelines. It’s just no longer a constant stream of consciousness.”

Indeed, Triple H’s leadership has empowered WWE superstars to unleash their full potential, resulting in captivating performances and compelling storytelling. With a newfound sense of independence, talent has flourished under Triple H’s guidance, ushering in a new era of creativity and innovation within WWE.

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Ishaan Rathi

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