WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has shed light on the decision-making process behind altering WrestleMania 40 plans involving Cody Rhodes and The Rock.

The initial plan of having Roman Reigns face off against The Rock in the main event was redirected due to overwhelming fan support for Cody Rhodes. Consequently, the revised lineup for night one now features Rhodes teaming up with Seth Rollins against The Rock and Roman Reigns, while night two will showcase a one-on-one match between Rhodes and Reigns.

Speaking to ESPN about the flexibility in planning, Triple H shared insights into the dynamic nature of WWE decision-making: “Now it’s a different time, and the way I do things is slightly different. My career, I learned from being here, but there were things along the way that I always thought I would do differently. In this time now, I get to make those calls and with a large team of people.”

He emphasized the necessity of adaptability, stating, “Whether people will want to believe it or not, I think we were sort of looking at this as here’s where we’re going to go to get this started and it has the opportunity of going this way or that way. We always have to call audibles every single week. Everything you do is dependent on reactions. That’s what we do as an industry.”


Triple H highlighted the collaborative nature of decision-making within the WWE, particularly in navigating unexpected changes: “The beautiful thing with this group and with Cody and Roman and Rock especially, everybody’s got their ear to the ground. And then we all just get together and figure the s**t out.”

Fans can anticipate The Rock and Reigns making appearances on tonight’s final episode of WWE Raw before WrestleMania, following The Rock’s intense altercation with Cody Rhodes that concluded last week’s show.

How do you think the decision to alter WrestleMania 40 plans involving Cody Rhodes and The Rock reflects WWE’s commitment to responding to fan feedback and adapting to changing circumstances? Let us know in the comments below.

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