In a bombshell interview conducted by Ariel Helwani today, CM Punk addressed his WWE return, departure from AEW, and various other topics, shedding light on recent controversies and providing insights into his professional journey.

Regarding the Jack Perry-CM Punk story, sources within AEW revealed to Fightful Select that the issue stemmed not solely from Punk’s objection to the use of glass in their match, but rather from his public recounting of the disagreement to media and talent. This public airing of grievances, especially considering similar instances in the past, contributed to the escalation of tensions. However, it’s noted that Punk’s retelling of the original disagreement was accurate.

During the interview, numerous members of the AEW roster expressed support for the company, with one talent emphasizing that their tweets were more about backing the company rather than taking sides in the dispute. Despite personal allegiances, some individuals hope the interview marks the end of the matter until potential reconciliations occur in the future.

In WWE, reactions among talent varied. While some anticipated Punk addressing AEW-related questions despite nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) in place, others hoped the attention would shift to wrestling matters by the weekend. A veteran AEW talent remarked that the situation was preventable from all sides, with Punk’s happiness and AEW talent moving forward suggesting a need for learning and reconciliation moving forward.


Regarding Punk’s AEW departure, there are indications of a non-disparagement agreement in place, suggesting potential limitations on public comments about the situation.

In WWE, initial reports indicate a smooth integration of Punk into the company, with executives noting his likely avoidance of heavy media schedules due to ongoing recovery from an injury. Reports confirmed Punk’s involvement in commentary and the WrestleMania Kickoff show, with backstage discussions briefly mentioning a referee role that was dismissed due to his clearance status.

During the interview, Punk verified several reports, including his presence backstage at WWE Raw last year before being asked to leave by Vince McMahon proxy. He also affirmed that only select few were privy to his WWE return before the day of, highlighting limited awareness within the company until then.

Additionally, his interaction with AEW legal and management and lack of prior contact from WWE before his Raw mentions were confirmed. Notably, Punk’s post-fight visit to Nando’s after his bout with Jack Perry was acknowledged.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s recent revelations about his departure from AEW and his WWE return, especially considering the reactions from talent within both organizations? How do you see these developments impacting the landscape of professional wrestling moving forward? Let us know in the comments below.

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