Paul Heyman is set to take on a significant role in the upcoming episode of ‘Biography: WWE Legends’, focusing on the illustrious career of Roman Reigns.

In groundbreaking announcement on Monday, March 25, WWE unveiled through social media that Paul Heyman served as both the director and executive producer of the forthcoming episode dedicated to Roman Reigns. This special installment is scheduled to air on A&E on Sunday, March 31 at 9 p.m. EST, promising viewers an in-depth exploration of Reigns’ journey within the WWE.

The collaboration between Heyman and Reigns marks a pivotal moment in the production of ‘Biography: WWE Legends’, ensuring a level of authenticity and insight that fans have eagerly awaited. Reigns himself expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing Heyman’s unparalleled ability to capture the essence of his story.

“I wanted the most authentic documentary in the history of #WWEonAE,” Reigns remarked. “The Wiseman was the only one who could do this story the justice it deserves. There’s so much about me that I’ve never discussed in public before. This is the true story of Joe Anoa’i and Roman Reigns!”


With Heyman at the helm, viewers can expect a revealing portrayal of Reigns’ evolution from Joe Anoa’i to the formidable WWE superstar known as Roman Reigns. This collaboration between two titans of the wrestling industry promises to deliver a compelling narrative that sheds light on the man behind the character.

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Biography: WWE Legends’ featuring Roman Reigns, airing this Sunday, March 31, on A&E at 9/8 C.

What are your expectations for this upcoming episode of ‘Biography: WWE Legends’ focusing on Roman Reigns, directed and executive produced by Paul Heyman? Are you looking forward to gaining deeper insights into Reigns’ journey within the WWE? Share your thoughts and anticipation for this groundbreaking documentary!

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