AJ Lee may have left the wrestling world years ago, but she has managed to stay relevant by developing herself, not only in terms of being a part of other successful ventures but also in her physical stature over the years.

The former WWE Divas champion took to her Instagram stories to show off her incredible arm gains for a purpose of her own and put her amazing and ripped physical presence on display.

“Im just tryna get arms that scare people in the street is that too much to ask.”

AJ Lee was credited as one of the best in-ring talents during her tenure in WWE back in the early 2010s. While women in her locker room struggled for chances, AJ took the leap ahead of them and was a regular fixture in the top storylines at the time.


However, a series of long-standing injuries and other factors influenced her decision to retire from the ring in 2015. Since then fans have been positive that she could make her comeback, especially when her husband CM Punk returned to WWE in November 2023, and even dropped some teases regarding her wife’s return to the squared circle.

One instance even saw her training inside the ring for TV show role that again sparked the debate, but AJ Lee quickly shut the discussion down maintaining her retirement. While her return seems unlikely for now, the never-say-never in wrestling policy remains prevalent even for AJ Lee’s return, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

What are your thoughts on AJ Lee’s ripped gains while displaying her amazing stature? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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