Top Dolla was released from his WWE contract last year, marking the second time he faced such a situation. However, he has taken it in stride and remained actively involved in the professional wrestling world, while also pursuing other opportunities. He is now part of TNA and has disclosed how his deal came about.

The former WWE Superstar wasted no time making an impact after he made his debut at GCW. Now known as AJ Francis, he would also become star in TNA Wrestling, something that he appreciates Scott D’Amore for.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Top Dolla discussed how his transition to TNA came about, mentioning his prior training at the Team 3D Academy, which led to a relationship with Bully Ray. He also highlighted his close bond with Mark Henry, whom he considers like a second father. Dolla noted that Henry resembles his own dad, even likening him to an evolved Pokémon.

”I have trained at the team 3D Academy when I first started wrestling, so I had a relationship with Bully Ray already. I one of the very best friends that I’ve made in this industry, he’s like my second dad really is. Mark Henry he looks like my Dad too, please when you edit this put a picture of him and my dad I’ll send you the picture of them together, he looks like my dad, he looks like my dad’s like next level evolved of Pokemon.


Due to their connections with Tommy Dreamer and their appearances on Busted Open Radio, Dolla had conversations with Dreamer and Bully about joining TNA. He expressed a strong desire to join Impact Wrestling, and despite initially aiming for Impact, he eagerly pursued the opportunity with TNA when it arose. Through his agent AB Albert’s efforts, conversations were held with Tommy and Scott, ultimately leading to a positive relationship with TNA.

”I have a very good relationship with him and they both also do busted open radio with Tommy Dreamer and because of that I also have a relationship with Tommy and I’m talked to Tommy and Bully and about going to TNA. I really when I knew I was leaving WWE like I wanted to go to TNA like it wasn’t like, honestly I wanted to go to Impact but then when I found out it was going to be TNA I was like ‘oh I got to go to TNA’ like I was knocking down Tommy’s door like so my agent AB Albert, he does a lot of work with like Swerve and other people too, he talked to Tommy a lot and talked to Scott for me, and we set it up so you know we have a very good relationship now.”

Top Dolla has been in a longstanding feud with Joe Henry as of late and it remains to be seen whether Dolla will eventually become a champion in TNA, as he is clearly having a great time there right now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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