Trick Williams returned to in-ring action after weeks, proving that he did not lose a step, however, the night did not end well as his friend-turned-rival Carmelo Hayes pulled his own trick on him as they head to NXT Stand and Deliver for an epic showdown.

Following the Meta-four faction members’ altercation with Trick at the end of last week’s show which also saw a passionate kiss between Lash Legend and Williams himself, he was set to battle their member, Noam Dar in a one-on-one showdown in the main event of tonight’s edition of NXT.

This was Trick Williams’ first match since NXT Vengeance Day, the same night he was betrayed by his former best friend, Carmelo Hayes, who himself was in the building and a moment during the match itself saw Melo’s security knocking on his locker room’s door backstage stating that ‘it was time.’

Shifting gears, Trick Williams and Noam Dar amazed the NXT universe in attendance, delivering a fast-paced and highly exhilarating match in recent memory. Moreover, the match also saw Lash Legend trying to distract Williams to give Noam Dar the upper hand. However, the closing moments saw him connecting with the Trick shot to pick up the win.


Trick did not waste any time after his victory and straight out called Carmelo Hayes to come to the ring. But he instead found himself surrounded by Melo’s henchmen, one of them being Carmelo himself under disguise who launched a sneak attack on Williams and knocked him out cold to end the show.

What are your thoughts on Carmelo Hayes pulling this trick to knock out Trick Williamns? Are you looking forward to their epic counter being made official for NXT Stand and Deliver? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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