One of the most notable surprise comebacks this year was that of Shawn Spears, who made a sudden appearance in NXT few weeks ago and has already secured significant singles victories.

In a recent conversation with Fightful Select, Spears discussed his return to NXT and shed light on his decision to leave AEW. While the full interview is scheduled for release next week, excerpts from the interview, including an intriguing backstage insight about Spears.

The Chairman revealed that he proposed the idea of participating in the 2024 Royal Rumble match once he knew about his WWE return. Unfortunately, by the time he made the suggestion, the roster for the Rumble had already been finalized, leaving him unable to be included.

“Spears said that he did “shoot his shot” about being in the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, by then, it was too late and the Rumble situations had already been determined.”


Shawn Spears’ return to NXT has been a revelation, with the wrestler quickly making his mark with impressive wins. His comeback story is a testament to resilience and determination in the world of WWE.

Would you have liked to see Shawn Spears return to WWE in the Royal Rumble or did they way they do it on NXT was best for business? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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