Drew McIntyre currently stands out as one of the most vocal rivals in WWE, particularly directing a significant portion of his animosity towards CM Punk. Amidst this rivalry, McIntyre has now claimed that Punk never tried to make amends with him.

In recent weeks, Drew McIntyre has been trolling CM Punk, taking shots at him in WWE RAW promos and through posts on social media. The rivalry between them escalated when WWE released shirt featuring McIntyre’s meme, mocking Punk’s injury that will unfortunately prevent his participation in WrestleMania 40.

While speaking on Gorilla Position, Drew McIntyre was asked to share his thoughts on CM Punk. McIntyre acknowledged his undeniable fame and drawing power but condemned him as a “terrible human being.”

McIntyre revealed that he has personal experiences with Punk from their past, including instances he hasn’t discussed publicly yet. Despite Punk’s return to WWE, McIntyre felt that Punk didn’t address their past conflicts or attempt to reconcile backstage. Instead, Punk acted as if everything was fine, which McIntyre found insincere.


‘I mean I’ve been pretty honest about my opinions, huge name, has a lot of attention from not just the hardcore fans but the casual fan base know exactly who he is, he sells tickets and he’s a draw but he’s a terrible human being and I was around him when I grew up and there’s instances I haven’t talked about perhaps I wouldn’t talk about till it’s face to face with him but he knows and those certain feelings seem to seems like much hasn’t changed from talking to people that I know regarding his personality and he came back I felt a certain way.”

”He instead of wanting to pull me aside even backstage and never mind on television and saying ”hey you know, maybe I wasn’t a good person back then or maybe it wasn’t a bad place” like no no none of that just let’s act like everything’s perfectly fine, everything’s fine, everything’s hunky dory, it’s all right.”

McIntyre asserted that he intended to confront Punk face to face and expressed his determination to defeat him in the ring. McIntyre was also asked how Punk has made efforts to reconcile with others but has not attempted to do so with him. McIntyre confirmed that Punk has never bothered to make amends.

”Nope. Not one time.”

The Scottish Warrior also demands thanks from CM Punk for keeping him relevant. Drew McIntyre has taken his dedication to trolling CM Punk a step further by dedicating his WrestleMania 40 match against Seth Rollins to the Second City Saint. It remains to be seen whether Punk and McIntyre will get physical on the 25th March edition of Monday Night RAW, which will feature Punk’s return.

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