Drew McIntyre has been on a whole new level since WWE Day 1 Raw where he lost to Seth Rollins who retained the World Heavyweight Championship. Since his loss, the Scottish Warrior has fired on all cylinders with massive wins and incredible performances every single week. 

McIntyre turned out to be in the Top 3 in the Men’s Royal Rumble match this year. Though he had a tough battle with CM Punk, the latter eliminated him to make it to the Final Two. However, while having a tough battle with the Best In the World, McIntyre injured Punk taking him out for months. 

While CM Punk has been busy with his rehabilitation, Drew McIntyre has been taking continuous shots at the former AEW star, pitching possible storyline for the future. In a recent interview on the Gorilla Position, the former WWE Champion addressed his feud with Punk and expressed his desire to face the latter at Summerslam this year. 

“Yeah, I just hope he’s careful. Just worried he’s going to injure something else during rehab. Man’s made of glass. I want that match. I really want that match.


“I’m just concerned for him, especially wrestling someone like me. I’m a freaking monster in there…I got my hands on him. You saw what I did to him at ‘Rumble. I tore him to pieces. I chopped him to bits…[CM] Punk was black and blue. I ended up hurting him in there,”

While it seems like WWE adding Punk vs McIntyre into their storylines would be a money-maker, the World Heavyweight Championship could also be added into the mix. McIntyre is set to challenge Seth Rollins in singles match for the title at WrestleMania this year. It would be interesting to see how things turn out for the Scottish Warrior in the coming months. 

What are your thoughts on a possible Drew McIntyre vs CM Punk match at SummerSlam? Drop them down in the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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