Matt Cardona has revamped himself from being a WWE mid-carder to emerging as one of the biggest stars on the independent circuit.

However, he has made it evident on numerous occasions that his end goal is to return to the global juggernaut and conquer that mountain. Recently, he named one particular scenario for which he would like to make a WWE comeback.

The Indy God took to his X to announce that he would love to return to the promotion to be the final opponent of The Greatest of all time, John Cena.

“I’d come back for that.”


John Cena recently stated in an interview that he would put an end to his in-ring career at or before he turns 50 years old. The Champ conquered every major accolade in WWE and became their poster boy for a decade before transitioning to Hollywood to pursue his acting career.

With his days inside the ring numbered and approaching the end, we will have to wait and see if Matt Cardona, who has long history with John Cena, ends up being his last foe inside the squared circle.

Do you think Matt Cardona is a good choice for John Cena’s retirement match? Sound off in the comments!

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