Bryan Danielson rose to prominence for his stint in the global juggernaut, WWE as Daniel Bryan where he earned multiple championships, and accolades, and mainevented their premier show, WrestleMania on two occasions.

The American Dragon left the promotion in 2021 and shifted his turf to their direct rivals, AEW under his real name. Since then, Bryan has been an integral part of the company, both on-screen and offscreen.

However, during his WWE days, Bryan recently recalled a perception WWE had regarding AEW women’s wrestling matches after witnessing the popular encounter between real-life rivals Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker in a Lights Out Anything Goes Match at AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam 2021.

The showdown marked brutal and bloody climax in the ongoing feud between the two women. It also represented a significant moment as it was among the initial instances where North American women wrestlers engaged in such an intense match on television.


Bryan Danielson revealed on a recent SXSW Panel. that WWE had a shared sentiment that such a degree of violence should not be showcased in a women’s wrestling match.

“There was a ton of hoopla backstage in WWE when Britt wrestled Thunder Rosa and it was bloody. There were a bunch of people backstage saying, ‘Women’s wrestling should not be like that. This is horrible. We would never do that.’ Except, if you’re talking about equal rights, letting women go out there and do things that men do. That kind of match took Britt and women’s wrestling and AEW to the next level. You’d watch it and be like, ‘These women are stars.’”

While Thunder Rosa recently came back to AEW after dealing with injuries, Britt Baker is yet to return to the company amidst being on an extended hiatus at the moment. However, it would be a sight to witness this rivalry reignited once again with another blockbuster encounter.

What are your thoughts on Bryan Danielson spilling the beans on WWE’s mindset towards AEW’s women’s wrestling? Sound off in the comments!

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