KSI is one of the most prominent figures in the world of YouTube celebrities. Moreover, he also holds a notable business partnership with Logan Paul, leading to occasional appearances at WWE events.

In the latest SmackDown episode on March 8, the show kicked off with the presence of United States Champion Logan Paul who took the spotlight to announce groundbreaking partnership between WWE and his energy drink brand, PRIME Hydration.

The social media sensation disclosed that PRIME would serve as the inaugural center-ring sponsor for WWE’s premium live events, commencing with WrestleMania 40 next month. However, it was also during that segment that Paul’s heated rival, Randy Orton planted his partner KSI with thunderous RKO to the mat.

KSI spoke about the events that transpired on SmackDown last week during the recent edition of the IMPAULsive podcast.


“Honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. He fucked me up. He grabbed my head and slammed me into his bicep. My nose is smushed, my lip got cut up. The inside of my lip is destroyed from my teeth slamming into his bicep. I was like, ‘fuck.’ It hurts. It fucking hurts.” 

He even went on to call himself the Shane McMahon of WWE when asked about wrestling on a full-time basis.

 “I like to see myself as the Shane McMahon of WWE. I don’t mind getting a Stone Cold Stunner. I just want one suplex.”

While KSI openly refrained from the regular physicality involved in the business, he could always make sporadic appearances with Logan Paul during his important storylines for major WWE PLE shows.

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Nikunj Walia

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