Swerve Strickland was inches away from attaining championship glory last week at AEW Revolution before things turned against him and allowed reigning champion Samoa Joe to clinch the win.

Joe used the sleeper hold to tap out the other competitor of the bout Adam Page, who was technically responsible for Revolution not becoming Swerve’s house and him winning his first world title.

However, the former WWE superstar believes that it was a temporary roadblock and that the AEW World title is still in sight for him.

During recent interview with 11Alive, Swerve Strickland talked about the three-way showdown at AEW Revolution. He mentioned the match finish not expecting Adam Page to tap out, while also stating that he was not out of the race for competing for the AEW World championship.


“For me, I’ve never known Hangman Page to be a guy that gives up, ever, since AEW started five years ago. I can’t think of any time he’s actually ever submitted or tapped out willingly. There’s a lot of questions I have on the method of why it is this a new type of Hangman that he does just quit, or is it spiteful towards me? I have my speculations. Maybe those questions will be answered on Wednesday. I’m not out of the race as being an AEW World Champion.”

While Strickland was not the one to take the fall or submission at the match, his claim to still be in the race for the title seems somewhat valid. We will have to wait and see when it would be the time for Swerve Strickland to get his one-on-one title opportunity in the future.

Do you think Swerve Strickland can become the AEW World champion in future? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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