Bryan Danielson recently made headlines during an episode of The Nikki & Brie Show, which he co-hosted alongside his wife, Brie Garcia, in the absence of Nikki Garcia.

In classic Bryan Danielson fashion, he delivered a memorable moment during the show. As Brie promoted the program and the Garcia TikTok, Bryan took aim at Twitter, expressing his dissatisfaction with the platform. He remarked, “You know what’s more upsetting to me than TikTok? It’s actually Twitter.”

Brie mentioned hearing about efforts to clean up Twitter, to which Bryan responded with a bold declaration. He announced his intention to challenge Elon Musk on Twitter, asserting that Musk cannot destroy the moon and labeling him as “cosmically impotent.”

Bryan boldly stated, “Elon Musk, you’re cosmically impotent. You can’t blow up the moon.”


The challenge has been thrown down, awaiting Musk’s response. However, whether Musk will engage in this cosmic debate remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on Bryan Danielson’s bold challenge to Elon Musk on Twitter? Do you think Musk will respond, and if so, how do you anticipate the interaction unfolding? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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