Former WWE writer Jennifer Pepperman made big switch in her career after leaving the global juggernaut and jumping ship to their main rivals, with more details regarding her role being revealed.

Jennifer Pepperman, who also shares close friendship with former WWE star Mercedes Mone joined AEW as the Vice President of Content and is expected to be Mercedes’s personal writer, in a similar fashion to how Brian Gewirtz has been involved with The Rock.

Moreover, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pepperman is expected to be involved in both the men’s and women’s storylines in AEW. She reported for his first day at this week’s AEW Dynamite, however, the report states that she would fit into the current working style and inner creative circle of Tony Khan’s company.

“An update on the #AEW creative team and process following the hiring of Jennifer Pepperman, who is expected to be Mercedes Mone’s “personal writer” as well as having a wider role as Vice President of Content: Pepperman will be heavily involved with the women’s storylines but also be involved in the men’s storylines. Her first day was Dynamite on 2/21. Tony Khan will be the booker but she’ll be added to the likes of Bryan Danielson, Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs, Will Washington and others in the creative inner circle. They are not changing how they are doing things and will not be scriptwriting promos for the most part. The idea is like it’s always been, give the talent bullet points and they can use their own words to make those points.”


With Jennifer Pepperman already added to the roster, it is only a matter of time before Mercedes Mone also makes her debut in the All Elite landscape.

The former 7-time WWE Women’s champion is expected to make her wrestling comeback at AEW Big Business, set to take place in a few weeks in the TD Garden arena in her hometown of Boston, Massechuttes.

Do you think having Jennifer Pepperman, who has a wider role in AEW, as her personal writer would be a huge boost for Mercedes Mone’s career in AEW? Sound off in the comments!

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