Grayson Waller is the next up and coming star in WWE. Waller has established his status in WWE’s lineup as he’s determined deliver his best performance at WWE Elimination Chamber, whether fans cheer for him or not.

Waller will get the opportunity to make his homecoming, if he competes in the WWE Elimination Chamber at Optus Stadium in Perth. Speaking with Wide World Of Sports, he discussed his plans ahead of WWE Elimination Chamber and said that he wants to deliver his best inside the squared circle, whether the crowd cheer for him or not.

“We’ll see if they cheer me, you never know. I really don’t know what to expect and I’m trying not to think about it too much. My focus right now is to make sure I’m in the best shape of my life and make sure I’m mentally and physically ready to go. As nice as it will be to make that entrance, I don’t want that to be the highlight – I want whatever match I’m in to be the highlight, I want to stand with my hand raised.”

“I don’t think it will [change my mindset] – I’m always just me and whether you want to cheer or boo, that’s up to you. I’m always performing as myself and I’m always there to put on a show, I want people to remember my name,” 


Although, as it stands Waller is not scheduled to compete at Elimination Chamber, he expressed his willingness to put his body on the line if given the chance, especially given the importance of performing in his homeland. He added that he’s ready to give whatever it takes and put his body through “hell” for it.

“I’m kind of scared in some ways – in the past, I’ve shown on the big stage what I’m willing to put my body through to go viral and steal the show. I’m willing to put my body through hell and it kind of scares me, the limits I’d go to for a show in Australia. I’m a bit worried for my body on that flight home,”

Meanwhile, The Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event is scheduled to take place on February 24th at the Opus Stadium in Perth, Australia. With stadium capacity of 70,000, WWE is expected to utilize 55,000 seats for the event, it promises to deliver an action packed showdown. It remains to be seen if Waller get the chance to prove his skills in his homeland. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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