Val Venis, known for his right-winged opinions, has not hesitated to express his views, and his stance on pronouns has escalated into openly homophobic posts. He is known to go after people with different views on him and recently, that was Cody Rhodes. It appears he isn’t done with Rhodes just yet as he told Rhodes to stop promoting mental disorders.

Since his return to WWE in 2022, Cody Rhodes has quickly ascended to become the company’s top hero and a major merchandise seller. While Cody Rhodes’s connection with his fanbase has always appeared deep, not everyone is a big fan of his goody-two-shoes persona.

In case you missed it, Val Venis recently labeled Cody Rhodes as a Satan worshipper for supporting trans ally. Val Venis took to Twitter and uploaded another post, where he told Rhodes to stop affirming ‘mental disorders’ and promote Jesus instead.

”HEY @CodyRhodes! Maybe think before you “affirm” would be a better idea. Promote Jesus. Not mental disorders.”


Val Venis even once claimed that The Rock “sold his soul to the devil.”  Nevertheless, Val Venis is unlikely to stop attacking Cody Rhodes anytime soon. Whether or not Rhodes will bother to respond to Venis is a different story altogether.

Are you surprised Val Venis is still going after Cody Rhodes just because he is a trans ally? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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