The Rock has been known to make multiple appearances at various events, most recently being a part of the prestigious NASCAR Daytona 500 in the namesake city.

The Great One was invited to be the Grand Marshall for the event, which was responsible for kicking off the historic car race between some of the best drivers in the world. Despite the event being delayed due to weather, The Rock held up his end of the bargain and stayed on till Monday for the event.

During his appearance at the Daytona 500, The Rock took to his X to state that a person in attendance yelled his high school’s name and even mentioned his football coach.

That led to The Rock being reminded of the time he was arrested at the age of 15 and his coach telling him to leave those antics and start playing football. He called it a turning point in his and claimed that it changed his life forever.


“Crazy moment here. You’ll see at the end, I’m shooting a cellphone vid for a guy – he gets my attention, by yelling my old high school in Pennsylvania (Freedom) and mentioning my high school football coach, Jody Cwick. The last time I got arrested at 15, Jody said “hey stop getting arrested and come play football for me”. I did. And it changed my life. He changed my life. You’ll see me look up and point, and and say “rest in peace, I love you brother” Amidst the adrenaline and beautiful chaos of #DAYTONA500 this moment was the last thing I expected. I’m grateful it did.”

The Rock kicked off the race as part of his Grand Marshall duties in his classic WWE style with the same exhilarating energy and enthralling charisma.

Furthermore, he is currently a huge part of WWE television programming, most recently aligning with his cousin, Roman Reigns, and his Bloodline in the war against Cody Rhodes on the road to WrestleMania 40.

Are you surprised to learn that a megastar like The Rock was once arrested? Do you think even bad experiences can change your life like they did for The Great One? Sound off in the comments!

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