Kevin Egan, known in the wrestling world as Kevin Patrick, has emerged from his recent departure from WWE with a fresh perspective and exciting new opportunities.

Starting his journey with WWE as an interviewer back in 2021, Patrick steadily climbed the ranks, eventually becoming the lead announcer for both Raw and SmackDown by late 2022. However, his tenure with the company came to an end last month.

Breaking his silence on the matter, Patrick took to social media to share his next venture: becoming the lead host for MLS 360 on Apple TV. Expressing his enthusiasm for the role, he highlighted the thrill of providing live coverage, bouncing between games, and capturing every goal and pivotal moment alongside fellow experts.

Patrick also reflected on the burgeoning popularity of soccer in North America, citing notable players like Messi and the upcoming World Cup as evidence of the sport’s rising prominence. He expressed pride in the growth of MLS and the opportunity to showcase it to a global audience through Apple TV.


Acknowledging his time at WWE with fondness, Patrick expressed gratitude for the experiences and friendships he gained during his three-year tenure. However, he also emphasized the need to turn the page and embrace the excitement of a new chapter in his career.

Beyond excited to announce that this year I will be Lead Host of MLS 360 on Apple TV. Four hours of live whip-around coverage, jumping from game to game, catching all the goals and big moments as they happen – all alongside three top pros and brilliant people! 😄

‘The rise of our beautiful game here in North America is undeniable. Messi plays here. We’ve got a World Cup on our shores in 2 years. The match attendances & atmospheres are better than ever. And now we’re broadcasting to over 100 countries on Apple TV. Let’s be havin’ ya!

Nothing but love for 3 incredible years at WWE! From the exhilarating experiences & all the brilliant friends I worked with along the way, I’m flooded with gratitude. In saying that, it was time to turn the page, and I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter! Cheers ❤

Following Patrick’s departure, WWE announced new lineups for their Raw and SmackDown announce teams, with Michael Cole and Pat McAfee taking the reins on Raw, and Corey Graves teaming up with Wade Barrett on SmackDown.

What factors do you think contributed to Kevin Patrick’s departure from WWE, and how do you perceive his transition to his new role as the Lead Host of MLS 360 on Apple TV? Let us know in the comments.

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