The Rock made headlines when Cody Rhodes temporarily offered him his WrestleMania 40 spot. However, the situation took a turn after the WrestleMania press conference, where Seth Rollins expressed strong disapproval and seemed to have a negative opinion of The Rock and Roman Reigns. Big E turned out to be a big supporter of Seth Rollins, as he stated that Rollins represents the WWE locker room’s voice on The Rock and Roman Reigns.

WWE’s press event in Las Vegas to kick off WrestleMania 40 had a lot of drama in it. The event also featured Seth Rollins blasting The Rock and made it clear he didn’t care one bit that The Great One was one of the TKO Board of Directors.

Seth Rollins also called out The Rock for abusing his power and even told The Rock to run back to Hollywood. While speaking on the latest episode of The Bump, Big E praised Seth Rollins’ recent comments, noting that Rollins speaks for the locker room. Big E expressed that the grind of being there every week builds respect among the wrestlers.

Big E acknowledged the dichotomy of wanting to reach a status like Roman Reigns or The Rock, who are not there every single night, while still having admiration for the wrestlers who consistently push the product forward on a nightly basis. Big E emphasized the push-pull dynamic and the special bond among the wrestlers who are actively grinding in the industry.


“I think he speaks for, in many ways, the locker room of guys who are there week in and week out, who are there on a nightly basis. That grind, it really builds a certain camaraderie and a certain respect for each other. Even if you don’t see eye-to-eye, ‘I respect that you’re here every single night.’ Look, on the same hand, the goal is really, in many ways, to become a Roman, to become a Rock, to be in a position where you’re not there every single night, where you’re an attraction, where you’re special.”

”It’s really this dichotomy, is back and forth, which I really love, this push-pull, because who could ever blame a Roman or The Rock for being in a position like that? For us as hungry guys who are really there on a nightly basis, really pushing the product forward with what we’re doing on a weekly basis, it’s special. So I love that push-pull because look, we all want to be in that Rock/Roman position, too, but you also have a certain love for the guys with you who are grinding.”

Seth Rollins also made it evident that he was disgusted by The Rock and Roman Reigns after the conference. With The Rock set to return to WWE television on this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, we will have to wait and see what The Great One will have to say.

What do you think of what Big E had to say? Do you feel Seth Rollins was correct for all he had said? Sound off in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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