Following the tragic passing of Ashley Massaro in May 2019, disturbing allegations emerged surrounding her time with WWE, implicating the company in a purported cover-up of her alleged sexual assault during a goodwill tour in 2007.

In response to these allegations, WWE vehemently denied any knowledge of the assault, asserting that neither Vince McMahon nor company management had been informed of the incident by Massaro or anyone else. They further stated that had such a claim been brought to their attention, immediate action would have been taken, including reporting it to the Base Commander.

However, Cara Pipia, a close friend of Massaro, offered a different perspective while speaking to NewsNation, alleging that Massaro had indeed confided in WWE executives, including Vince and Stephanie McMahon, about the assault, only to be met with threats and a directive to keep the matter quiet. According to Pipia, Massaro felt unsupported and unsafe during the encounter, despite attempts by the locker room doctor to offer sympathy.

Furthermore, Pipia claimed that Massaro had subsequent phone conversations with WWE while still in Kuwait, during which Vince and Stephanie attempted to downplay her concerns, although in a manner that made her feel manipulated and disregarded.


The situation took another twist when John Laurinaitis, a former WWE executive, objected to the characterization of Massaro’s allegations as a “cover-up,” conceding, however, that he and “most upper-level management” were aware of the claims.

In a troubling development, a previously unreleased statement by Massaro surfaced, alleging that Vince McMahon had engaged in predatory behavior towards wrestlers. These allegations added fuel to the fire of controversy surrounding WWE’s handling of sexual misconduct claims.

The situation escalated further with the filing of a lawsuit by former employee Janel Grant against McMahon, Laurinaitis, and WWE, accusing McMahon of sexual assault, emotional abuse, and sex trafficking. This legal action has placed McMahon under federal investigation, intensifying scrutiny on WWE’s internal practices and corporate culture.

As the legal battle unfolds and new revelations come to light, the allegations against WWE and its top executives cast a shadow over the company’s reputation and raise profound questions about accountability, transparency, and the treatment of talent within the wrestling industry.

What steps can organizations like WWE take to ensure accountability and transparency in addressing allegations of sexual misconduct and creating a safe environment for talent within the wrestling industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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