Vince McMahon is embroiled in a highly controversial situation due to sexual trafficking lawsuit filed against him by former WWE employee Janel Grant. The legal battle has brought forth additional names and raised concerns within the wrestling community. Even former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro has become a topic of discussion in light of McMahon’s scandal and now an unreleased statement by Massaro accused McMahon of being a predator.

Following Ashley Massarro’s tragic passing in 2019, an affidavit was publicly available where she claimed that WWE helped cover up that she was sexually assaulted at military base in 2007. At the time, WWE issued a statement denying any wrongdoing.

Tim Marchman of VICE News uncovered a statement excluded from Ashley Massaro’s finalized affidavit in her lawsuit against Vince McMahon it wasn’t relevant given that the lawsuit was about concussions.

Erica Mirabella, Massaro’s representative, explained it was omitted to focus on sexual assault and injuries. The statement details Massaro’s discomfort after her Playboy cover, Vince’s attempt to be alone in his hotel room, and him writing damaging promos to ruin her career. It also mentions Vince’s inappropriate comments. The statement was removed from the affidavit but provides insight into Vince’s alleged misconduct.


“Our colleagues ultimately decided we should focus only on the sexual assault and physical in-ring injuries Ashley sustained, so I discussed this with Ashley and she agreed that we could remove it, so it was deleted. We then finalized the affidavit, she signed it, and we submitted it to the court.”

You can check out Ashley Massaro’s previously unpublished statement below, which accuses McMahon of being a sexual predator and how he tried to sabotage her WWE career.

‘During my time with the WWE, I had observed Vince McMahon making-out with other divas in the locker room, but he never paid attention to me, and I assumed I was not his type. This changed after my Playboy cover was released. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to fly on the company jet and stay at the same hotels as the executives for a period of time so that I could get home faster to spend more time with my daughter. On one of these occasions, Vince was attempting to get me alone with him in his hotel room late at night and I felt extraordinarily uncomfortable. He began calling the hotel room phone and my cell phone nonstop.

”I called Kevin Dunn to explain the situation and he said I should tell Vince I was not feeling well and would see him on TV the next day, so I did. Immediately after that night, Vince started writing my promos for me. Vince does not write promos for female wrestlers—that is the job of the creative department—and he certainly wouldn’t have, under any normal circumstances, written a promo for me. But he did, and the promos were written with the clear intention of ruining my career. I brought the first script Vince wrote for me to the WWE employee in charge of Creative at the time, Michael Hayes, and he said, ‘you’re not saying this, who the [expletive] wrote this?’ and I told him that Vince did. He said, ‘Well kid, these are the breaks,’ meaning that Vince wanted to end my career and destroy my reputation on my way out.”

”He is known for this type of behavior and also did this to [REDACTED] upon her departure from WWE. In addition, after that night, each time I walk by him he would make vulgar sexual comments that were clearly designed to make me uncomfortable.”

John Laurinaitis also denied covering up Ashley Massaro’s sexual assault allegations, evidently revealing that WWE higher-ups were aware of the incident. Nonetheless, we will have to see whether more names will be brought to justice in the future.

What do you think of this story concerning Ashley Massaro? Do you feel Vince McMahon will pay for his alleged misdeeds? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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