The Rock has found himself back in the professional wrestling world. He was recently appointed as a board member of TKO and has been heavily involved in the WrestleMania 40 storyline featuring Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

The Rock was also present at the WrestleMania XL Press Event in Las Vegas where he slapped Cody Rhodes for mentioning his ancestor’s names. Given everything he has going on, it is not surprising that The Great One has a pretty hectic schedule.

However, Country singer Chris Janson believes that he will get the chance to perform a duet with The Rock sometime in 2024 as he stated on Audacy’s Katie & Company.

“I’d say [a song] is pretty close [to happening] – when it happens, it happens, and it can be quick. It can be just like spur of the moment, ‘Okay, we’re gonna do it Tuesday.’ And so I think that’s kind of where it is right now. As I do consider him a friend, he’s also an extremely famous friend, and even though he doesn’t act that way, he is, and I respect that very much.


And so, I like to give that space…I’m sure he’s got plenty of buddies who hammer all the time about stuff, and I’m not that guy… I want to be very mindful of his situation, and he has a lot going on – I would say probably ’24 you could probably look [for a song with him] and certainly some live collaboration moments between he and I singing…” 

The Rock is set to make an appearance on the 2/16 episode of WWE SmackDown where he is expected to confront Triple H regarding the WrestleMania 40 main event. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you live coverage of WWE SmackDown.

What do you make of Chris Janson’s comments? Are you looking forward to a duet between Janson and The Rock? Sound off in the comments section.

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