The Rock recently made his return during SmackDown and came face-to-face with Roman Reigns thereby teasing a match between the two men.

This meant that Cody Rhodes would be giving up his main event spot at WrestleMania which upset a lot of fans who voiced their frustration on social media. However, Cody had not decided who he would face at WrestleMania.

Tonight at the WrestleMania 40 press event, Seth Rollins was discussing his future at WrestleMania and Roman Reigns interrupted him and brushed him aside. The Rock then came out and it seemed like the WrestleMania main event was set in stone.

However, Cody came out to announce that he is choosing Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Things took a turn for the worse when Cody mentioned The Rock and Roman Reigns’ ancestor. This resulted in The Great One slapping Cody across his face causing an all-out brawl to break out. Triple H and a few officials came out to separate them.


With this sudden turn of events, the Road to WrestleMania got a whole lot more interesting between Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and The Rock.

What did you make of this segment? Are you happy about Cody’s choice? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

Passionate pro wrestling fan. Sunil has been writing WWE content writing for over the last five years. Sunil still gets excited when he gets to tell people that he gets paid to watch pro wrestling.

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