Vince McMahon is currently involved in highly controversial situation following a sexual trafficking lawsuit filed against him by former WWE employee Janel Grant. Former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro has also become a topic of discussion in connection with McMahon’s scandal.

After Ashley Massaro’s tragic passing in 2019, a publicly available affidavit written in Massaro’s own words outlined a trip to the Middle East as part of a WWE mission to support the troops. Massaro stated that she was drugged and sexually assaulted by a member of the US Military during that trip. Later, she claimed Vince McMahon instructed her never to speak of the incident, allegedly to avoid damaging the relationship between WWE and the military.

In 2019, as the story gained attention following Ashley Massaro’s tragic passing, WWE issued a response. While expressing sadness about her death, the company clarified that Vince McMahon and WWE management were never informed of the alleged incident described in Massaro’s affidavit.

If one goes to WWE’s official website, one can find Ashley Massaro’s account of her feelings prior to the tragic trip in Kuwait back in 2007. Massaro stated that anything could happen in Kuwait but was sure WWE would take care of her.


”Anything can happen going over to the Middle East,” said Ashley. “But my company takes care of me, and I trust them. I have full faith that I will come back exactly the way I left, if not a little bit better in the heart.”

John Laurinaitis also denied covering up Ashley Massaro’s sexual assault allegations, evidently revealing that WWE higher-ups were aware of the incident. An unreleased statement by Ashley Massaro accused Vince McMahon of preying on female WWE stars as well. Regardless, we will have to see whether more names will be brought to justice in the future.

What do you think of this unfortunate story concerning Ashley Massaro? Do you feel even worse for her now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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