Warner Bros. Discovery has declined all offers for their shelved project “Coyote vs Acme,” as reported by The Wrap.

The film, envisioned as a tale where a struggling human attorney takes on Wile E. Coyote’s case against Acme for faulty products, only to find his ex-boss representing the corporation, seems destined to remain unseen despite featuring John Cena in a leading role.

In November 2023, The Hollywood Reporter announced the cancellation of the project by Warner Bros. Discovery, despite completion of filming for the live-action/CGI hybrid. Cena was set to portray Coyote’s former Acme superior.

A spokesperson from the WB Motion Picture Group explained to The Hollywood Reporter that the decision was aligned with the studio’s renewed focus on theatrical releases since the relaunch of Warner Bros. Pictures Animation. This shift led to the regrettable choice of not moving forward with “Coyote vs Acme,” although appreciation was expressed for the efforts of the filmmakers, cast, and crew.


The decision not to release the film was partly motivated by a significant tax incentive sought by WBD, echoing similar actions taken with other completed projects like the Scooby Doo animated film “Holiday Haunt” and the halted Batgirl live-action film featuring Michael Keaton.

Following public outcry over the shelving of “Coyote vs Acme,” Deadline Hollywood reported in December 2023 that Netflix and Paramount submitted formal bids for the film, proposing both theatrical and streaming releases. Paramount’s offer included a 2024 theatrical debut. It was rumored that Amazon was considering a bid, while Apple and Sony, although having viewed the film, did not express interest.

Director Dave Green shared his sentiments on social media, expressing pride in the collaborative effort and disappointment in the studio’s decision, emphasizing the resilience embodied by Wile E. Coyote.

Despite these sentiments, The Wrap now reveals that Warner Bros. Discovery is determined to finalize the project’s fate to secure the tax break. Head of WBD, David Zaslav, reportedly never viewed the film and aims to “erase” it from the company’s records.

Production for “Coyote vs Acme” took place in 2022 in New Mexico, but its future remains uncertain, overshadowed by the studio’s financial priorities.

How do you think the decision by Warner Bros. Discovery to decline all offers for “Coyote vs Acme” reflects on the current landscape of the film industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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