Montez Ford has largely been a tag team wrestler, as part of The Street Profits with Angelo Dawkins. However, he has proven to the world that he can excel as a singles star and Ford now revealed that he wasn’t aware he would wrestle John Cena last year.

Following the September 22, 2023 episode of WWE SmackDown, Montez Ford received a notable surprise when he faced John Cena in a dark match. Earlier in the night, Ford had competed in a tag team match alongside Angelo Dawkins against LWO (Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar).

While speaking to Adrian Hernandez, Montez Ford reflected on his experience facing John Cena and Rey Mysterio on the same night. He expressed astonishment at the unexpected opportunity and the magnitude of facing John Cena, considering him a GOAT and a source of inspiration for many. Ford highlighted the surreal feeling of being in the ring with someone he idolized as a child.

I was the same way you felt. I didn’t know that was gonna happen [laughs]. It was amazing, though. John Cena, man. I could sit here and talk about ages and years and times, and how he inspires me, inspires someone else, inspires someone I know, inspires someone that’s still watching, inspires someone that’s not in the wrestling realm. He, to a lot of people, is the GOAT, man. For me to have the opportunity to face someone I watched as a child and idolized as well, and being on the same level, competing in a one-on-one match, is unprecedented man. I just remember being there, going like, ‘I can’t effing believe this is happening.’


This little tadpole that’s running around Chicago and in North Carolina with these WWE Championships is now in the ring with arguably to some people the greatest of all time. It was just mind-blowing, man. Still to this day, I go back because my pictures will pop up on my timeline, and I’ll see it, and I’ll be, ‘Jesus, man. That happened.’

Despite the initial disbelief, he emphasized the lasting impact of the experience, acknowledging the significance when memories resurface on his timeline. Ford mentioned the joy derived from such moments, making the lengthy media days worthwhile when they lead to opportunities like facing John Cena in the ring.

Ford finally shared that he had two matches that night, a tag match with Rey Mysterio and the main event against John Cena, creating a buzz backstage with people amazed at him for pulling double duty that night.

You can smile and be of grace for four hours [during media days] because granted, to some people, it may be difficult or hard to have media junkets for four hours, but when you look at the things that you can do leading or after or before those media junkets, it makes everything worth the while because you’ll find yourself in the ring with John Cena [laughs]. I had two matches that night. I had a tag match with Rey, then I had the match at the end of the night with John. It was the same night. A lot of people, when I came backstage, they were like, ‘You know you wrestled Rey Mysterio and John Cena the same night? What’s going on?’ I was like, ‘Well, they love me’ [laughs].

Montez Ford is also confident he will be getting singles push in WWE soon. Regardless, fans would love to see Montez Ford get a singles push, so we’ll have to wait and see when that will happen.

What do you think of what Montez Ford had to say? Do you feel he will eventually get a proper singles run in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below!

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