The recent lawsuit filed by Janel Grant against Vince McMahon, which alleged sexual assault and sex trafficking, has had significant implications for WWE and its associated products, including video games like WWE 2K24.

Following the news of the lawsuit and the mention of a WWE Superstar, reported to be Brock Lesnar, being involved, there have been efforts to address Lesnar’s presence in WWE-related media. It was reported that 2K, the developer of WWE 2K24, was trying to figure out how to remove Lesnar from the game.

Now, sources have informed PWInsider that there are discussions about potentially “downplaying, if not outright removing” Brock Lesnar from 2K projects and possibly other licensed products as well. However, it has not been confirmed whether Lesnar will be removed from WWE 2K24, which is scheduled for release in March.

“It would appear that 2K, as a licensee for WWE, is following the company’s lead after WWE backed off on using Lesnar last weekend at the Royal Rumble event. Lesnar was slated to return and begin his Wrestlemania season storyline, but in the wake of the Janel Grant lawsuit filed against WWE, Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis several days before, we are told the company chose to “withdraw” Lesnar’s involvement.”


“Going forward, has been told by sources familiar to the matter that we should expect to see Lesnar downplayed (if not outright removed as he was in the Supercard game) as much as possible going forward by 2K and potentially other licensees.”

This report follows Lesnar’s removal from the WWE 2K Supercard mobile game. As of now, Lesnar is still listed as a current Superstar on WWE’s official roster page.

The decision to remove or downplay Lesnar in WWE-related media will likely depend on the ongoing developments and legal proceedings related to the lawsuit. WWE and its partners will need to carefully consider their actions in response to these allegations.

It’s also worth noting WWE is also attempting to have Vince McMahon erased from the games as well moving forward. Dave Meltzer talked about Vince McMahon’s status when it comes to his history in WWE. Meltzer noted that WWE is trying to erase him from the 2K24 video game.

“They are trying to figure out a situation on how to get him out of the video game, which may not be possible and trying to figure out a way to erase him from history, which is completely impossible.”

With all the chaos happening because of Janel Grant’s lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE, it’s a big moment for the wrestling world. They might make Brock Lesnar less important or take him out of WWE 2K24 and similar stuff, which shows that big changes are happening in wrestling. This lawsuit is making the wrestling world re-think how they do things, and it’s a significant moment that could change wrestling for a long time.

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