The reputation of the wrestling global juggernaut, WWE has been negatively affected since its former Chairman, Vince McMahon was slapped with shocking allegations. With the company still trying to shift its focus to upcoming ventures, the management has asked the talent to do the same.

Dave Meltzer stated in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that the roster members have not been spoken to by the management regarding McMahon’s lawsuit and claimed that Vince would not be returning.

Instead, the higher-ups have persuaded them to shift their focus to the recent positive outcomes such as the staggering $5 Billion deal with Netflix and the success of their recent PLE, Royal Rumble in Florida.

“According to one main roster star, nobody has talked to them about the situation from management, other than to tell them that Vince won’t be back. Instead they were told how successful the Royal Rumble was and how big the new Netflix deal is.”


Furthermore, Meltzer also added that his source told him that it was hard not to read Vince McMahon’s lawsuit, since the horrific details emerged.

“It was added that one star said it was hard not to have read the lawsuit and “you’d have to be living under a rock if you didn’t read it.”

A recent report stated that allegations against Vince McMahon are now under federal investigation by prosecutors in New York. With the matter getting serious by the day, we will have to wait and see if they are proven to be true and how would it affect the WWE landscape, despite Vince no longer being a part.

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Nikunj Walia

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