Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Royal Rumble 2024, broadcasting from the Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida. We’ll be bringing you all the action from this highly anticipated event.

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WWE Royal Rumble (1/27/24) Matches:

  • WWE Undisputed Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. LA Knight
  • Men’s Royal Rumble match
  • Women’s Royal Rumble match
  • WWE United States Championship: Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Royal Rumble (1/27/24) Kick-Off Pre-Show:

The Rumble featured the airing of the Hulk Hogan opening video.

The Kickoff Show panel consists of Jackie Redmond, Wade Barrett, Booker T, and Peter Rosenberg.


They discussed the event’s card and then presented the traditional “by the numbers” video. They also showcased some of the fans’ favorite Rumble memories.

Rhea Ripley had an interview with Kayla Braxton, during which she confidently stated that whoever emerges as the winner tonight, if they choose to challenge her, it would be a futile victory. She emphasized her unique accomplishment of being the only woman to have ever drawn the #1 entry spot and still triumphed in The Rumble.

A video package highlighting the Fatal Four Way match for Roman Reigns’ championship was broadcasted.

Following a discussion about the championship match, Byron Saxton conducted an interview with Paul Heyman. Heyman mentioned that WWE’s focus is on making this the final night of Roman Reigns’ championship reign. He explained that WWE no longer operates under a system that promotes long-term champions or dynasties and instead aims for quick title changes and the creation of new championship belts. Heyman also noted that this is why Nick Aldis placed Roman in this challenging situation. He reminded viewers of Roman’s previous success in similar situations, such as when he defeated Daniel Bryan and Edge at Wrestlemania in Tampa. Heyman confidently stated that Roman would retain his championship and continue his reign, offering it as a spoiler. It was a compelling promo.

The broadcast also included Kayla Braxton’s interview with Randy Orton from The Bump earlier in the week, showed Nia Jax’s arrival, aired a video package for the Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul match, and featured musician Jelly Roll joining the panel.

Wade Barrett inquired if CM Punk might consider entering the Rumble match, to which Punk responded that he had come to the event purely as a fan and had requested to join the panel.

Meanwhile, Peter Rosenberg was wandering backstage when he encountered Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. They playfully mistook him for Sam Roberts but made it clear that they didn’t care who was in the Rumble; they were determined to toss all competitors over the top rope. Waller even jokingly mentioned tossing Theory but quickly backtracked, trying to act as though he hadn’t said it.

Elsewhere, R-Truth was seen attempting to open baseballs, hoping to obtain a more favorable entry number for the Rumble.

Rosenberg eventually found CM Punk, who was in the midst of a FaceTime call with someone named Larry. Punk expressed his surprise at being back in a Rumble match and acknowledged that he was older and wiser now. He admitted to feeling nervous but was determined to channel those nerves into a focused and confident performance, vowing to make his “nervous butterflies fly in formation.”

Peter Rosenberg took a stroll through the tunnel and out into the stadium, giving viewers a preview of the path that the WWE stars would follow as they made their entrances.

Additionally, the broadcast featured a video that chronicled Cody Rhodes’ journey over the past year, providing insight into his experiences and evolution during that time.

Kayla Braxton conducted an interview with Triple H, who passionately emphasized that this event marked the commencement of the journey leading to the grandest Wrestlemania of all time. He highlighted the dedication and determination of the 30 men and women competing tonight, all with the shared goal of earning their way to Wrestlemania. Triple H pointed out the electric atmosphere created by the 40,000-plus fans in attendance, poised to make the event unforgettable. He stressed that every moment of the night was special, and he invited everyone to join in and asked Kayla to lead them in the iconic catchphrase, “Are you ready?”

And with that, the excitement was set to begin!

WWE Royal Rumble (1/27/24) Results:

The announce team for the night consisted of Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

The broadcast featured footage of various WWE superstars, including Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Rhea Ripley, and others, arriving at the venue earlier in the evening.

Following these entrances, the show transitioned to its cold open, narrated by the legendary Hulk Hogan.

A surprise twist occurred when Pat McAfee made an unexpected appearance to join the commentary team for the show. While Michael Cole was aware of this development, Corey Graves had no prior knowledge of McAfee’s involvement in the broadcast.

2024 Women’s WWE Royal Rumble Match

Natalya was the first entrant, drawing the #1 spot in the Rumble match. In a thrilling surprise, the returning Naomi entered at #2, receiving a tremendous reaction from the audience. It had been reported earlier in the day that Naomi would be making her return to the company during the event.

The emotional response from the crowd was evident as they chanted “Welcome back” to Naomi, clearly moved by her return.

Natalya and Naomi kicked off the action by exchanging maneuvers. Natalya initially tried to toss Naomi over the top rope but ended up slamming her instead. Naomi responded with a well-executed hurricanrana and a mule kick. However, Natalya caught her with a kick and followed up with a dropkick.

The anticipation heightened as the third entrant, Bayley, made her way to the ring, receiving a massive chant from the audience. Bayley wasted no time and immediately targeted Naomi and Natalya. Naomi managed to counter with her signature “Rear View” move on Bayley, while Natalya delivered a dropkick to both opponents, creating chaos in the ring.

The fourth participant, Candice LaRae, entered the fray and immediately went after Bayley. LaRae pulled off an impressive Codebreaker, simultaneously crashing onto Natalya. This move was met with admiration from the audience. She then followed up with a boot to the face of Naomi. Bayley managed to regain control, attacking LaRae.

As the anticipation continued to build, the fifth entrant, TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace, made her entrance, adding even more excitement to the Rumble match.

The announcers were clearly impressed by Jordynne Grace’s performance, putting her over in a big way. Grace and Naomi had an exciting showdown that showcased their athleticism, with Grace delivering her signature move, the Grace Driver, on Naomi, and then turning her attention to Natalya. The crowd even started a TNA chant, acknowledging Grace’s success in another wrestling promotion.

The sixth entrant, Indi Hartwell, wasted no time and immediately targeted Bayley while also delivering a clothesline to Grace. She and Candice LaRae formed an alliance to double-team Bayley, creating a chaotic scene in the ring as all participants battled fiercely.

The seventh entrant, Asuka, entered the match, and it was evident that Bayley wasn’t too thrilled about her presence. Nonetheless, they temporarily worked together to try and eliminate Indi Hartwell. Hartwell managed to hold on but attempted to eliminate Asuka, prompting Bayley to intervene. In the end, it was Bayley who eliminated Hartwell, sending her out of the ring.

The eighth entrant, Ivy Nile, made her Rumble debut and displayed her considerable power by asserting control in the ring. The action continued to be intense, with all participants fighting to gain the upper hand.

Number nine was Katana Chance, adding another exciting element to the Rumble match.

Katana Chance impressed with her dazzling offense, showcasing her skills in the ring. The tension between Ivy Nile and Jordynne Grace escalated as they vied to outdo each other with displays of power, engaging in a back-and-forth battle. Bayley took advantage of their rivalry, attacking both competitors and stomping them.

Jordynne Grace continued to shine, proving herself as a dominant force in the match.

The tenth entrant, Bianca Belair, made her presence felt as she fended off Bayley and Asuka, delivering a double Blockbuster move on both of them. She attempted to toss them over the top rope, but they managed to hold onto the ropes. Belair followed up with a powerful suplex and a handspring splash that showcased her athleticism.

The eleventh entrant was Kairi Sane, and together with Asuka, they formed the Kabuki Warriors tag team. They initially double-teamed Jordynne Grace before targeting Bianca Belair. However, Candice LeRae intervened and managed to elevate both Kabuki Warriors over the top rope to the outside. Bayley was also knocked to the outside but assisted them in eliminating LeRae from the match.

Number 12 entered as Tegan Nox, bringing even more excitement to the Royal Rumble match.

The 17th entrant, Zelina Vega, made a dramatic entrance with gear inspired by the anime series Evangelion. She showcased her skills by delivering a Meteora on Chelsea Green and demonstrated her strength with some impressive offensive maneuvers. Vega engaged in a back-and-forth battle with Piper Niven.

Maxxin Dupri, the 18th entrant, entered the ring and attempted to avoid a potential attack from Niven. Zelina Vega and Bianca Belair combined forces to execute a Code Red on Dupri, with Bianca providing the assist. They proceeded to double-team Piper Niven, and Bayley battled Maxine Dupri. Meanwhile, Niven managed to eliminate Kayden Carter from the match.

Number 19, Nia Jax, made her presence felt by grabbing Zelina Vega mid-air and slamming her to the canvas. Jax then eliminated Xia Li and Ivy Nile. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven attempted to double-team Jax, but it didn’t go well for Green as she got squashed in the corner. The remaining participants joined forces to work over Nia Jax, but she fought back and slammed Piper Niven on top of Chelsea Green.

The 20th entrant, Shotzi, added to the excitement of the Royal Rumble match.

In a coordinated effort, the participants joined forces to attack Nia Jax, setting up Shotzi for a high-flying Swanton dive onto Jax. Maxxin Dupri pulled off a unique maneuver, executing a reverse worm into an elbow drop. However, this move was met with boos from the crowd.

Despite the collective efforts to eliminate her, Nia Jax was portrayed as a dominant force, resisting all attempts to remove her from the match. Bayley managed to toss Maxxin Dupri, and Nia Jax eliminated Piper Niven. Jax then displayed her immense strength by pressing and tossing Katana Chance out of the ring, causing her to crash onto Chelsea Green and Chelsea Green is still in the match.

Number 21, Becky Lynch, made her long-awaited return, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Lynch wasted no time and went straight after Nia Jax. Becky found herself on the verge of elimination but managed to save herself. She then delivered a shotgun missile dropkick to Nia and followed it up with inverted DDTs on Shotzi and Zelina Vega. Becky continued her assault on Bayley and cleverly tricked Nia Jax into taking herself out in the corner.

The 22nd entrant, Alba Fyre, joined the Royal Rumble match.

The action continued with all the participants battling in the ring. Naomi managed to drive Bayley into the corner turnbuckles.

Shayna Baszler entered as the 23rd entrant, and the fierce competition escalated as everyone fought to gain the upper hand.

The 24th entrant, Valhalla, made her way to the ring. However, a comical moment occurred when R-Truth’s music suddenly played, and he ran out, believing he was part of the match. Truth appeared confused when he realized he was surrounded by female competitors. Nia Jax eventually tossed R-Truth out of the ring, and Adam Pearce, WWE official, instructed Truth to leave. Valhalla, distracted by this unusual turn of events, was subsequently eliminated. She attempted to attack R-Truth but was held back.

Number 25, Mia Yim (also known as Michin), made her entrance into the Royal Rumble match.

Mia Yim (Michin) showcased her skills by delivering an impressive springboard DDT on Valhalla. However, Nia Jax quickly laid her out.

The 26th entrant, Zoe Stark, made her presence felt with a big missile dropkick on Mia Yim and a clothesline on Naomi. Zelina Vega and Shayna Baszler engaged in a battle, with Zoe Stark kicking Vega and powerbombing her off the apron onto Valhalla, further highlighting Vega’s excellent performance.

The 27th entrant, Roxxane Perez from NXT, brought a burst of energy and determination to the match. Jax managed to eliminate Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim, displaying her dominance. She then powerbombed Shotzi over the top rope, sending her crashing onto everyone outside the ring.

Number 28 marked the debut of Jade Cargill, who had been reported backstage earlier in the day. As she made her entrance, Nia Jax was waiting for her. The Florida crowd erupted with excitement as Cargill and Jax faced off. Cargill immediately looked like a star, delivering powerful rights to Jax. When Jax attempted a move, Cargill evaded it and slammed her, booted her in the face, and tossed Nia Jax out of the ring. This impressive debut firmly established Jade Cargill as a rising star in the wrestling world.

Becky Lynch reacted with shock and amusement at Nia Jax’s elimination, and Bayley attempted to toss Jade Cargill but got nailed in the process. Becky Lynch and Cargill engaged in a heated battle, which resulted in Cargill being sent into the ring post shoulder-first. As a result of the intense action, all participants were down in the ring.

The 29th entrant, Tiffany Stratton, had been previously reported by PWInsiderElite.com as a participant in the match. She made her presence known by hitting a big swanton on everyone, adding to the chaos in the ring as all competitors continued to fight.

Number 30 marked the return of Liv Morgan. Morgan entered the match, and the frenzied battle continued with all the participants.

An impressive feat, Naomi surpassed 60 minutes in the ring, demonstrating her endurance and resilience.

Regarding the reports about Mercedes Mone/Sasha Banks not being in the match, it’s important to rely on credible sources for accurate information in the world of professional wrestling. People should always approach such reports with caution and not jump to conclusions without verified information.

The final moments of the Royal Rumble match were filled with intense action. Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill faced off, creating a thrilling moment that had the crowd buzzing. However, Bayley intervened to prevent the showdown from happening as she attacked both competitors. Naomi managed to execute a dropkick on Cargill but was subsequently tossed out, inadvertently eliminating Becky Lynch in the process.

With only five participants remaining – Jade Cargill, Bayley, Tiffany Stratton, Bianca Belair, and Liv Morgan – the battle continued.

Tiffany Stratton attempted to eliminate Bianca Belair by pulling her off the apron by her hair, but Bayley intervened to stop them.

As the match entered its final stages, Liv Morgan tried to eliminate Bayley, but Jade Cargill grabbed her. Liv managed to strike Cargill with a knee, and they exchanged blows. Liv attempted a move off the ropes but was caught. Bayley joined the fray, but Liv sent her over the top rope, although Bayley held on.

In a dramatic sequence, Cargill tossed Liv, who landed on the apron. All three competitors battled on the apron, with Liv Morgan ultimately hitting the Oblivion move to eliminate Jade Cargill. Bayley seized the opportunity and knocked Liv Morgan to the floor.

In the end, Bayley emerged as the winner of the Royal Rumble match, securing a significant victory in an exciting and hard-fought contest.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. LA Knight vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

In the midst of the action, all the participants in the match joined forces to stomp on Roman Reigns. Inside the ring. Randy Orton took the fight to Roman Reigns on the outside, working him over on the floor.

He prepared to execute a Superman Punch on Knight, but Knight evaded and barraged him with a series of right-hand punches. The audience enthusiastically cheered on Knight as he executed a DDT, but Orton quickly charged towards him. Knight countered with a slam, resulting in a two-count pinfall attempt.

Styles ascended to the top turnbuckle but was met with a powerful right-hand strike. Knight then executed an impressive superplex. Styles retaliated with a flurry of kicks and strikes against Orton, eventually flooring him with a clothesline. As Roman attempted a clothesline, Styles cleverly dodged and connected with a Pele Kick. He followed up with a Styles Clash, but Knight intervened, disrupting the pinfall attempt. Orton, meanwhile, hung Knight off the ropes and delivered a devastating DDT.

Styles aimed to execute his Phenomenal Forearm but got caught by a sudden RKO from Orton. Orton also managed to catch Reigns with a surprise spear, but Solo Sikoa, who was ringside, pulled the referee out of the ring to prevent the three-count. Solo Sikoa then struck Knight with a Samoan Spike and stacked up the challengers in the ring. He ventured outside and charged towards Styles, but Styles moved just in time, causing Solo to crash through the barricade.

Styles leaped off the ropes, executing a splash on all his opponents, but they managed to kick out at the count of two. Styles, feeling the frustration, seized a chair and mercilessly attacked Roman with it. He also struck Knight with the chair and attempted to hit Orton, but Orton countered with a powerful right-hand punch. Knight slammed Reigns and followed up with an elbow strike. He then prepared for a finishing move but was unexpectedly shoved into the ropes, inadvertently knocking Styles off the ropes. Reigns capitalized on the opportunity, spearing Styles and securing the pinfall victory.

The victor and still the champion, Roman Reigns!

A highly entertaining match

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens

Owens took control early, launching a relentless assault on Paul. He stomped aggressively on Paul, even slamming him into the barricades before tossing him back into the ring. Owens continued his attack on Paul, setting up for a Cannonball, but Paul wisely rolled out of the ring to avoid it. Paul, however, couldn’t evade a powerful right-hand punch and a back senton splash from Owens on the arena floor. Owens unleashed a flurry of chops on Paul, who screamed in agony. Finally, Logan retaliated by targeting Owens’ injured hand and executed a pescado to the outside.

On the ringside area, Paul ruthlessly smashed Owens’ hand against the ring post repeatedly. Logan then applied an armbar to focus on Owens’ wrist. Owens tried to mount a comeback, delivering several headbutts in an attempt to turn the tide. Unexpectedly, Logan Paul surprised everyone with an Octopus submission hold!

Owens executed a pair of Cannonballs and a frog splash, but the pain in his injured arm was taking a toll. They engaged in a back-and-forth battle, with Owens’ throat snapping across the top rope at one point. Logan delivered a powerful buckshot lariat and followed it up with a big splash from the top turnbuckle, resulting in a two-count pinfall attempt. Logan then positioned Owens on the top rope, aiming for a superplex, but Owens managed to counter it into a brainbuster, earning a near fall. During the intense match, Logan started bleeding from the nose.

Paul unleashed his signature right-hand strike, but Owens resiliently kicked out, leaving Logan concerned. Someone from Logan’s entourage interfered at ringside but was promptly ejected by security. The distraction cost Logan as he ascended to the top turnbuckle and missed his move. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory rushed to ringside, creating further chaos. Logan was handed brass knuckles, and Owens rolled up Logan for a two-count. Owens tried to take the knuckles and used them to strike Logan, attempting to secure the pinfall. However, the referee spotted the knuckles and disqualified Owens.

The winner and still the Champion by disqualification, Logan Paul!

It was a highly entertaining match, showcasing Logan Paul’s remarkable skills as a wrestler, and Owens played his part effectively as the veteran dishing out punishment.

After the match, Owens continued his assault on Logan, powerbombing him through a table. Logan was left nursing his injured shoulder after the brutal spot.

WWE Men’s Royal Rumble

The first competitor in this match was Jey Uso, and his entrance received a tremendous reaction from the crowd.

At the number two spot was Jimmy Uso, and the two siblings faced off, creating an intense and emotionally charged confrontation. They exchanged powerful right-hand punches, resulting in some compelling back-and-forth action.

Coming in at number three was Grayson Waller, who took his time walking down to the ring while cutting a promo, declaring his intention to host an episode of ‘The Grayson Waller Effect.’ He wasted no time in verbally tearing into both Jey and Jimmy. However, before Waller could even enter the ring, he was kicked off the apron by an opponent. Jey attempted to throw Jimmy out, but Waller intervened and tried to persuade Jimmy to work together with him.

The fourth entrant in the match marked the return of Andrade el Idolo. Reports had indicated his expected comeback to the company in the preceding weeks. Waller approached Andrade but was met with a blistering attack. Andrade swiftly delivered a spinning elbow and attempted the Three Amigos on Waller, but Waller managed to block it.”

At number five, we saw Carmelo Hayes making his Royal Rumble debut. Earlier in the day, We had reported that he was backstage. Carmelo entered the ring and immediately made a strong impression. He joined forces with Jey Uso in an attack on Andrade. Hayes later eliminated Grayson Waller with a forceful clothesline over the top rope.

The sixth entrant was Shinsuke Nakamura, and the crowd serenaded him with his theme song. Nakamura engaged in an intense exchange with Carmelo Hayes.

Number seven in the match was Santos Escobar, who attempted to form an alliance with Andrade, but Andrade dismissed him. Escobar made an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate Andrade.

At number eight, we witnessed the entrance of Karrion Kross, accompanied by Scarlett.

Karrion Kross made a brutal entry at number eight by launching an attack on Jey Uso, leaving him incapacitated for Jimmy’s arrival.

At number nine, Dominik Mysterio entered the match. Kross executed a suplex on Dominik and unleashed a barrage of right-hand punches. Kross also targeted Shinsuke Nakamura during this onslaught.

The tenth entrant was Carlito, who swiftly took out Dominik and even pulled out an apple. Santos Escobar attempted to throw Carlito over the top rope, but Carlito managed to save himself. Escobar then checked on Dominik, and Carlito surprised Escobar by spitting the apple into his eye.

At number eleven, Bobby Lashley made his entrance into the Royal Rumble match. He began his rampage by spearing Shinsuke Nakamura and chokeslamming Andrade. Dominik Mysterio tried to plead for mercy as he charged into the corner, but Lashley still speared him. Lashley and Karrion Kross faced off, and Lashley knocked Carlito off the apron before eliminating Kross.

The Authors of Pain, accompanied by Paul Ellering, appeared at ringside, causing a dispute with the officials. This distraction allowed Kross to pull Lashley off the apron, and an infuriated Lashley attacked Kross for his elimination. The Authors of Pain then got involved, and The Street Profits rushed down to the ring to join the chaos.

Number twelve was Ludwig Kaiser, and the ring became a battleground as everyone engaged in combat.

At number thirteen, Austin Theory entered the fray, intensifying the ongoing battle.

Number fourteen marked the entrance of Finn Balor, who quickly eliminated Carmelo Hayes. Balor and Dominik Mysterio teamed up to take on their opponents.

The fifteenth entrant was Cody Rhodes, and the crowd’s excitement surged as he made his entrance. Cody took charge, cleaning house and tossing Austin Theory. Finn and Dominik joined forces to double-team Cody.

Bronson Reed, at number sixteen, entered the match and started dominating the competition. He executed a double Samoan Drop on Dominik and Finn, leading to Andrade’s elimination. Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura engaged in a heated brawl.

Number seventeen was Kofi Kingston, adding to the chaos of the Royal Rumble match.

Nakamura was ousted from the match, while Kof executed a decisive kick to eliminate Ludwig.

Entering as the 18th participant was WWE Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER. He wasted no time and unleashed a flurry of chops on his opponents. He engaged in a heated battle with Reed, followed by a showdown against Cody. GUNTHER managed to eliminate Kofi with a powerful move.

The 19th entrant was Ivar, who made an impressive entrance by taking down several opponents, including Cody and Uso. Ivar and Bronson engaged in a fierce exchange of blows.

The 20th entrant, NXT’s Bron Breakker, had been previously announced by PWInsiderElite.com. Bron brought an intense energy to the match, delivering thunderous clotheslines to everyone in his path. He eliminated Jimmy Uso with a clothesline, threw Balor out of the ring, and even attempted to lift GUNTHER over his head. Although GUNTHER escaped, he was ultimately speared by Bron.

At number 21, Omos made his entrance into the Royal Rumble match. He quickly eliminated Bronson Reed, who, in turn, tossed Ivar before his exit.

Number 22 was Pat McAfee, who initially seemed surprised to be in the match. Encouraged by Cole and Graves, he entered the ring but saw Bron and Omos waiting for him, prompting him to eliminate himself voluntarily.

Bron avoided a charge from Omos, causing Omos to get caught on the ropes. Bron capitalized on this and knocked Omos out. Dominik Mysterio then pushed Bron over the top rope.

Number 23 was JD McDonough, but before he could even enter the ring, Bron speared him in the entrance area, clearly frustrated about his own elimination.

Cody and GUNTHER engaged in a fierce battle.

Number 24, R-Truth, entered and promptly tossed JD into the ring, only for JD to be clotheslined over the top by someone else. Truth eagerly awaited to be tagged in and finally got his chance when Dominik Mysterio tagged him. Truth made quick work of GUNTHER.

Number 25, The Miz, executed a floatover DDT on GUNTHER. Dominik Mysterio hit a 619 on Miz.

Number 26 was Damian Priest, who first attacked Truth and eliminated him. He then turned his attention to Miz and started swinging momentum in his favor. Priest went for a splash on Cody, but it missed, and they continued their battle.

At number 27, CM Punk made a triumphant return and cleaned house. Dominik Mysterio attempted to eliminate Punk, but Punk reversed it, resulting in Dominik’s exit. Damian Priest then attacked Punk from behind and laid him out.

Number 28 in the match was Ricochet.

Ricochet entered the match at number 28 and showcased his agility with some impressive moves but was eventually clotheslined by Damian Priest. The Miz found himself knocked off the ropes and bounced off the apron, leading to his elimination.

Number 29, Drew McIntyre, stormed into the ring and engaged in fierce battles with all the remaining participants. He delivered punishing kicks to GUNTHER and executed a powerful suplex on Ricochet. Jey Uso was tossed out during McIntyre’s dominance.

The 30th and final entrant was Sami Zayn, much to the delight of TJ Parsons. With all participants in the ring, chaos ensued as they battled it out for supremacy.

Drew McIntyre eliminated Ricochet with a forceful toss over the top rope.

As the final six competitors faced off, they engaged in an intense battle, exchanging big moves. Sami Zayn eliminated Damian Priest, and Drew McIntyre eliminated Sami Zayn, leaving four men in the match.

Cody Rhodes executed the Cody Cutter on GUNTHER, who responded with a devastating clothesline. Drew McIntyre and GUNTHER briefly squared off before refocusing on the others. Drew delivered a powerful chop to CM Punk, and he and GUNTHER had a tense confrontation. Cody and Punk capitalized on their distraction, attacking them both. Punk avoided Drew’s Claymore Kick, attempted the GTS, but Drew managed to escape. Drew retaliated with a Glasgow Kiss and nailed the Claymore Kick on Cody and Punk, one after the other.

Drew taunted Punk but got tossed over the top by Punk.

Now, only Punk and Cody remained in the ring. They exchanged strikes and slugged it out. Punk unleashed a series of strikes but was caught with a low powerslam by Cody. Cody went for his signature Cody Cutter, but Punk countered with a series of suplexes. Punk followed up with a knee strike and a bulldog. He attempted the GTS, but Cody slipped out and went for the CrossRhodes. Cody landed some clubbing shots and delivered a Bionic Elbow.

Punk managed to toss Cody over the top rope, but Cody held on and pulled himself back into the ring under the bottom rope. Punk pointed to the WrestleMania sign, signaling his intent, but he was met with a CrossRhodes from Cody. The crowd chanted for Cody as Punk was pulled up but still nailed the GTS. Cody tried a Crucifix maneuver to pull Punk over the top, but it didn’t work. Punk responded with a Pedigree, expressing his determination not to lose to Dusty Rhodes’ son. He set up for another GTS, but Cody blocked it and ultimately tossed Punk over the top rope.

The winner of the Royal Rumble match was Cody Rhodes

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