WWE superstars and personnel have their own personal lives outside the squared circle where they seek to enjoy the basic joys of life including their backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton. However, she faced slight embarrassment while trying to swipe for a good match.

Kayla Braxton took to her X to announce that she wanted to focus on her personal life apart from her professional duties. She recently downloaded the popular dating app, Bumble to find a good match.

Braxton mentioned that she did indeed find some good matches. However, people would not believe her account to be authentic and reported her profile as “fake.” That led to the platform banning her and removing her profile.

“I was trying to prioritize my personal life more this year, so I downloaded a dating app called @bumble. I was matching with some cool peeps but then, I got banned! Apparently enough people reported my profile as “fake,” and I was kicked off. Cupid, what the hell?!”


Kaya Braxton has been known to be very vocal on social media to voice her opinions on various topics including her personal life. Moreover, she is also known to fire back at many people who try to troll her on various issues.

With the WWE backstage interviewer actively looking for a partner and having a bad experience with dating apps, it could be interesting to see if Kayla finds one in the WWE locker room much like many people have.

Can you think of a good match in the WWE roster for Kayla Braxton? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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