Jordynne Grace made remarkable one-off appearance in WWE, leaving a strong impression on both fans and the company itself. Grace surprised the audience by entering the Women’s Royal Rumble match as the #5 entrant during the Royal Rumble event in Tampa, FL.

During her appearance, Grace showcased an impressive performance and had the opportunity to share the ring with Naomi, with whom she had recently contested and won the Knockouts Title at the Hard to Kill pay-per-view event earlier that month. Despite her compelling appearance, it’s worth noting that Jordynne Grace remains under contract with TNA.

According to PWInsider, WWE and TNA collaborated on this surprising appearance, with WWE reaching out to TNA about Grace’s involvement in the match. It is believed that this idea may have originated with Triple H within WWE. The agreement between the two promotions came together swiftly, driven by WWE’s desire to create a surprising and “outside the box” moment for the fans. WWE had previously executed a similar concept a few years ago when Mickie James appeared in a WWE match while holding the Knockouts Title.

While there have been no official statements regarding future plans for Jordynne Grace in WWE, it was reported that her performance in the ring left a lasting impact and impressed many within the company.


Additionally, it was revealed that the stars participating in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match were informed about Jordynne Grace’s involvement during rehearsals on Thursday before the event. Grace had also undergone the necessary physical and blood work requirements earlier in the week. WWE and TNA were described as easy to work with during the entire process, making this interpromotional appearance a smooth collaboration.

With Jordynne Grace’s impressive appearance in the Women’s Royal Rumble match and the collaboration between WWE and TNA for this special moment, what are your thoughts on the potential for more cross-promotional events or talent exchanges between different wrestling organizations in the future? How might this impact the wrestling landscape as a whole? Leave us a comment below.

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