Vince McMahon recently faced allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from a former WWE employee, which ultimately made him resign from WWE and TKO for good. Now, Ari Emanuel’s possible actions following his resignation have been revealed.

Following the sexual trafficking lawsuit, Vince McMahon officially resigned from WWE and TKO Holdings. McMahon also made it very clear that he would fight the aforementioned allegations.

According to PWInsider, it was reported that Endeavor owner Ari Emanuel, who recently acquired WWE, is unlikely to tolerate any allegations like those presented in the Janel Grant lawsuit. It was noted that if anyone doubts Emanuel’s commitment to addressing such issues, they don’t understand him.

Emphasis was given to Emanuel’s determination to quickly handle anything that might pose a threat to his businesses. It was then mentioned that if Emanuel was willing to walk away from investments in Saudi Arabia years ago without hesitation, he would similarly have no qualms about eliminating anything or anyone that could potentially harm or impact WWE’s business going forward.


‘As one source noted, “if anyone believes for a second” that Endeavor owner Ari Emanuel wanted to discover the type of allegations brought forth in the Janel Grant lawsuit, not just about a company he purchased – but a company that has been employing his own daughter at WWE HQ for several years – they “don’t know Emanuel” and they don’t understand how “ferociously he will eradicate” anything that needs to be taken care of to protect his businesses.”

”The same source noted that if Emanuel was willing to walk away from Saudi Arabia investments years ago without “blinking an eye”, he’ll have no problem “removing anything and anyone still remaining” that could potentially hurt or impact WWE’s business going forward.’

TKO also submitted filings regarding Vince McMahon’s resignation. Interestingly enough, Ryback also demanded that Triple H and other Executives are fired from WWE. We’ll have to wait and see whether TKO will end up firing more people connected to Vince McMahon in the coming months.

What do you think of this story concerning Ari Emanuel? Do you feel he will fire more people soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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