Jade Cargill’s WWE in-ring debut has sparked discussions about her challenges in retaining wrestling moves and sequences during her matches. Cargill entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match as the #28 entrant, where she had notable interactions, including eliminating Nia Jax. However, her performance highlighted her difficulties in recalling and executing moves effectively.

Despite her previous experience in AEW, Cargill’s transition to WWE has revealed a learning curve in adapting to the intricacies of WWE-style wrestling. While she has made appearances on Raw, NXT, SmackDown, and Fastlane alongside prominent WWE superstars, observers have noted that she still grapples with the nuances of WWE’s wrestling style.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez weighed in on Jade Cargill’s challenges, and according to Alvarez, Jade has been having a difficult time remembering a lot of stuff.

Dave Meltzer: “The one thing about Jade Cargill, everybody sold for her and everything like that. But you know, you can see it’s AEW Jade Cargill. And I mean, it’s like she’s not at the level of pretty much anyone else.”


Bryan Alvarez: “She needs to get on the road.”

Dave Meltzer: “She was very messy. Yeah, she does need to get on the road.”

Bryan Alvarez: “I was told that she has a hard time remembering a lot of stuff. And so she needs to get out there and start doing a bunch of matches with veteran WWE women on the road. Get her ready. If she’s going to make her big WrestleMania debut.”

Jade Cargill’s debut has highlighted the importance of adapting to WWE’s distinct wrestling style, where precise execution and continuity play a significant role in match quality. As she continues her journey in WWE, overcoming these challenges and gaining more experience on the road will be crucial for her growth and success in the company.

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