Vince McMahon recently faced allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from a former WWE employee. This was obviously a big topic of discussion for many and now Cody Rhodes was also asked to address this after the Royal Rumble.

Following the sexual trafficking lawsuit, Vince McMahon officially resigned from WWE and TKO Holdings. McMahon also made it clear that he would fight the aforementioned allegations.

While speaking during the post-Royal Rumble press conference, Cody Rhodes was asked about Vince McMahon’s allegations. Rhodes revealed that everyone found out about the allegations online the same time as others.

Rhodes then stated that WWE’s current roster is more of a family and avoids disputes, which is an ingredient for everyone looking out for each other and being accountable.


”I know as far as the news was concerned, we were finding it out and reading the same thing that you guys were reading. When you said a dark cloud, certainly. Clearly TKO, Nick Khan and The Board took it seriously. As far as the future? I don’t know the answer to that and I think somewhere there really is a basic tenent that this group from more than ever from a roster standpoint, it’s a family.”

Most of the time locker rooms are fighting, talking trash about each other and other nonsense. This crew is team-based and perhaps that is the ingredient, it’s everyone looking out for everyone and being accountable. I know for me, Ive been through dark periods in the industry before.”

Even Ronda Rousey recently claimed that Bruce Prichard’s presence keeps Vince McMahon involved in WWE. McMahon was also removed from WWE’s website following his resignation. We will have to wait and see what will become of Vince McMahon in the end.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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