NWA star and cancer survivor Blk Jeez, also known as Darnell Kittrell, encountered a harrowing incident in Philadelphia when he became the victim of an attempted carjacking. Now, multiple individuals possibly connected to the shooting have been arrested.

Since April 2023, BLK Jeez has been fighting multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. Overcoming the battle, he was set to make his return to the National Wrestling Alliance for a TV taping in Florida. Unfortunately, one day before his return, Jeez was shot during an attempted carjacking in Philadelphia. The NWA released a statement, and Jeez provided a comment, stating that he is currently in recovery.

While speaking to The Wise Men podcast, the NWA star talked about the incident. Jeez recounted the carjacking incident. He mentioned that the assailants wore ski masks, prompting him to stay vigilant. When one of them approached, he reached for his registered firearm, causing the person to hesitate.

I was coming from my cousin getting haircut so, and this happened at 7 o’clock at night so it wasn’t even late. So, I parked at the top of my street. Didn’t happen in front of my house thankfully, and thankfully, my girl and my daughter weren’t with me. So I parked at the top of my block. I get out of the car to get stuff out of the car. I see two guys coming out of the driveway. Both of them had on shiestys (ski masks).


”They’re illegal in Philly now. These guys wear ‘em anyway. So soon as I saw the masks, I was on alert. So then I saw two more come out of the driveway. They all went to the other side of the driveway and just standing there looking around. I took it as they’re looking to see if anybody else was outside. One of the guys turned around real quick, started walking towards me. Soon as he walked towards me, I pulled mines out. He froze and started backing up and I heard a shot. Instinctively, I looked over my shoulder to make sure nobody was sneaking up behind me but my mistake was I wasn’t in movement. So then, I went down. That was the second shot. I went down, popped right back up and started firing in their direction, and that was pretty much it.

However, Jeez acknowledged the mistake of not moving during the incident. Unaware of being shot at the time, he only realized it when his girlfriend pointed it out later while on the phone with Fire & Rescue. Swift police response led to his quick hospitalization, and he was back home the next day.

I didn’t know I was shot until I got in the house and my girl was already on the phone with rescue or whatever and then when I got on the phone with the lady and I’m talking to the lady, telling her what happened, then my girl lifted my shirt up and she was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re shot.’ She started freaking out. So the lady heard that, she was like, ‘Don’t look at it.”

Find something clean and dry and put pressure on it.’ Two minutes later, the cops are already knocking on the door. They took me to the hospital, they did their thing and then I came home — this happened last Thursday. I came home the next night. So, it’s been recovery since.”

Regarding the individuals involved in the incident, Jeez mentioned that the police discovered a gun in a stolen vehicle near his residence. As of the podcast recording, he remained uncertain about the connection between the three individuals arrested and his shooting.

A detective informed him that two days later, they apprehended the suspects during a chase involving the stolen car and recovered a gun. Although the detective did not confirm their involvement, the incident occurred in the same vicinity where Jeez resides.

The detective told me that two days later which was last Saturday, they chased down the stolen car and they arrested three guys and they retrieved a gun out of a car, out of the stolen car. So he didn’t say whether or not it was them but it was in the same vicinity of where I live at so…

Jeez is scheduled to be present at the NWA’s Hard Times special in March, taking place in Dothan, Alabama. Nevertheless, fans are certainly glad Jeez managed to survive the harrowing incident.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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