Bill Goldberg stands out as one of the rare WWE veterans who still keeps in peak condition and is still relevant in the wrestling scene. It seems his 17-year old son, Gage Goldberg is dedicated to walking in his father’s footsteps. Recently, Gage talked about his future in college football and committing to Colorado.

While speaking to Denver Post, Gage revealed that he’s fully committed to join the team at Colorado, headed by coach Deion Sanders. Sanders’ star-power helped Colorado gain national recognition in 2023, despite the fact that the team placed last in the Pac-12 on the field. Gage also talked about how WWE helped him become accustomed to big football games.

“It was obviously amazing and it definitely helped me get more acclimated to the big crowds and help with not being nervous, I don’t feel like I feel as much pressure as other people do and I just go out there and wing it sometimes.”

Gage further talked about his father’s celebrity status and his desire to follow in his footsteps. Speaking on the subject he expressed that he already has an advantage by having an existing legacy. However, he emphasized that he wants to create his own legacy. He aims to surpass his father and set a new standard for himself.


“The good thing about it, I have a legacy already, but I’m also creating my own legacy and that lets me set this unreal totem pole for myself to try to strive for and try to be better than him. I’m using his legacy to make my own legacy and using him as a launch.”

However, the trajectory of Goldberg’s son’s career remains to be seen. Whether he pursues a promising future in football or perhaps considers venturing into professional wrestling, the possibilities are open. No doubt, he certainly has a well-connected father who can call a lot of people to open doors for him.

Keep checking back with Ringside News as we keep covering Goldberg. Meanwhile, what do you think of Gage’s aspirations in college football? Let us know in the comment box below.

Shubham Banerjee

Shubham Banerjee is a computer science student. Shubham's love for technology, gadgets and coding pushed him to pursue a career in this field. Shubham's personal interests include photography, exploring all kinds of music and football. Being disappointed with Barcelona's performance in Europe is the only constant in his life.

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