Kevin Scampoli has made a name for himself by ruffling feathers whenever he can. Now, he has taken his mockery to another level as he brought Bray Wyatt, JoJo Offerman and their children into the situation.

At the 2-hour, 24-minute mark of his latest show, Kevin Scampoli talked about potentially targeting Jojo Offerman next. He has joked about taking aim at different pro wrestling figures after berating Kayla Braxton with the “rape baby” trolling that he has now become infamous for.

Kevin Scampoli also called Bray Wyatt her, “dead fat husband.” He then showed that he bit off the head off an action figure for The Fiend Bray Wyatt. He mentioned that he attached The Fiend’s head to a dildo, and it was pretty clear that he was not joking about that.

The controversial podcaster then said that he would like to see JoJo Offerman’s kids taken away from her. That would get headlines, and he wondered how they could pull that off.


“That’s what we need. Let’s go after JoJo for her fat dead husband. I did it. Bit [Bray Wyatt’s] head off and I put it on a d*ck.

Scampoli was then suggested to turn his rage toward Bo Dallas. To that, Kevin Scampolo agreed, but he doesn’t want to stop there.”

“Bo, the sister, JoJo, because you know she’s one of those girls who is drinking herself to death in front of her kids. And we’re gonna put a spotlight on it. It’s still too long to have, what is that thing they call it when pregnant people get sad? So she’s got to smarten up, she can’t have that postpartum anymore. She’s gonna get her kids taken away — that’s what we’re gonna do. Can we get JoJo’s kids taken away? That’ll get us in the news. What if we just take them away? If we take her kids forcibly, then that’s the same as getting them taken away.”

“Keep your eye out for a Chrysler Sebring, if the top is down, you’re in trouble.

We are not standing behind anything Kevin Scampoli says. He has certainly gone over the line before and this is no different. We also will not be posting a link to his show, but he will most certainly celebrate this extra attention for his most recent terrible comments.

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